Epoxy Pump Hot Box

The epoxy needs to be kept at a temperature of about 95°F. The easiest way to do this without working in a sauna is to place the expoxy pump in a hot box.

The hot box is a simple structure. It is basically a cube made of plywood and particle board lined with foam insulation. The front doesn't have any wood. The foam is the cover. The fun part comes from the thermostat controlled light bulb. I mounted a simple ceramic light socket in the base of the box and ran wires for it out the back of the box. I them mounted the thermostat on the side in the back and ran its wires out the back. I then wired a replacement plug to the thermostat and light. Plug it in and set the thermostat. Simple.

The inside dimensions of the hot box are 16" wide, 17" deep, and 18" high. This is enough room the epoxy pump, 2 quarts of hardener, and 1 gallon of resin. Of cource the wood box is bigger than this because of the foam thickness. I used 2" foam which is probably too big but it is what I had.

To make this a better box I made it so I can dispense epoxy even with the box all sealed up. I made a slit in the side of the box for a handle extension. The front cover has been cut so the spouts stick out.

Inside Of Hot Box December 9, 1999. Here you can see the overall inside of the hot box. The light is mounted in the center of the bottom. The thermostat and thermometer are mounted on the left side.

Control Close-up December 9, 1999. Here is a close-up of the thermometer and thermostat. The wiring for the thermostat run behind the foam so you can't see it.

Light Close-up December 9, 1999. Close-up of the light buld. The fixture is attached by two nails pushed into the foam. The wires are simply taped to the bottom and exit out the back.

Box with Pump December 9, 1999. Here is the hot box with the epoxy pump inside. Notice the copper pipe used as a handle extension. The problem I have with this is that the whole pump tries to rotate when the handle is pressed down.

Closed Hot Box December 9, 1999. Here is the sealed up hot box. The handle sticks out the side and the spouts stick out the front. The gray is duct tape sealing the foam. It was pretty rough from carving.

Spout Close-up December 9, 1999. Close-up of the spouts sticking out the front.