Chapter 10 - Step 3

This step involves gluing the leading edges to the rest of the canard.

Templates E, F, and K July 4, 2001. Time for more templates. This was tedious making 10 of the "K" templates. Lots of band saw cutting and precision sanding. Templates "E" and "F" can also be seen. All of these templates were made from 1/2" particle board.

Positioning Templates K July 6, 2001. Here are the ten "K" templates glued in place on the work bench. I strung a string across and made sure that each of the templates just touched the string.

Testing Alignment July 6, 2001. After some work notching the leading edge cores I got everything test fit in the jigs.

Notching Leading Edge July 6, 2001. I was a bit anal about how I notched the center leading edge core to fit around the lift tabs so I spent a bit of extra time. The plans make it look like you could just cut out a big notch. I was more careful than that.

Mating Leading Edge Cores July 8, 2001. After a lot of test fitting and triple checking I decided I needed three more "K" jigs to sit in the center of each leading edge core. I finally got the nerve to micro everything together. I spent a lot of time getting it all just right. I also spent some time wiping away micro that oozed out under the bottom of the joint. I guess my micro wasn't dry enough. It finally set enough that it stopped oozing. I am going to have a little cleanup work on the other side later - oh well.

Leading Edge Fillet July 8, 2001. The last thing I did was make a nice fillet at the leading edge joint. Here you can see a section near the lift tab.