Chapter 11 - Step 1

This step involves the cutting of the elevator cores and mounting them to the torque tubes.

Elevator Cores September 16, 2001. Here are the four elevator cores and the two templates used to cut them. Instead of using both templates I used one and a mirror of the same one so the two were exactly the same. Shelly and I cut these after we cut a practice core since Shelly hadn't done any hot wire cutting before. Only one came out perfect but the rest were quite salvagable after a touch of sanding.

Torque Tubes and NC-2s September 18, 2001. Just like everyone else I had trouble fitting the NC-2s into the torque tube cutouts. I ended up filing the cutout to make the NC-2 fit. I ended up with square corners so I took a small rat tail file and made a small round in the cutout to avoid a stress point. Next I pressed all the NC-2s into position and drilled the #30 holes for the rivets. After some confusion on how to properly use my new rivet gun I easily riveted the NC-2s into place. The plans make it clear that the NC-2s must be flush with the torque tube. At least one of mine isn't - close - but not perfect. Hopefully this won't be a problem later. Next I cut off 3" on the outboard end of each torque tube. Don't forget to make a left and right torque tube. The NC-2s are reversed.

Cores on Torque Tubes September 19, 2001. Next I test fit each core on the tube. The fit was a bit tight so I sanded the core a bit. It was still tight but not a real problem. I then prepared to micro the cores in place. First I sanded the torque tubes with 220 grit and made them all shiny. I then layed down some plastic, made some micro, and smeared a thin layer into the core cutout. I then slid the two cores into place. They slid on much easier this time. I guess sanding the tubes and the micro made it easier. I made sure the cores were even with the outboard end of the torque tube. I then slid the hinge pin in place along with the two NC-7s and got the cores and the tube aligned correctly. Finally I placed some weights on the cores to make sure all cures flat.