Chapter 11 - Step 3

This step involves applying fiberglass to the top of the elevators.

Trailing Edge Treatment October 22, 2001. After the last layup dried I marked the trailing edge and sanded it nice and straight and made sure the elevator was the right size. I feathered the glass at the leading edge so there was no bump. Lastly I removed some foam at the trailing edge so there will be a glass to glass bond at the trailing edge. The trick was beveling the foam so the glass will lay down properly.

Bottoms Complete October 22, 2001. Here are the two elevators - one top and one bottom - after finishing this step. Next is adding the glass to the top.

Tops Complete October 24, 2001. Here are the elevators after completing the top skin layups. You can see the peel ply over the microed trailing edges.

Elevators Trimmed October 25, 2001. Here are the elevators after trimming the last layup and sanding the trailing edge straight. The micro needs some sanding at the trailing edge to get the contour just right.