Chapter 11 - Step 4

This step involves adding the hinges to the elevator and the canard.

Flox Corners October 25, 2001. Here are the outboard ends of the elevators after trimming the foam for flox corners.

Outboard Ends Glassed October 25, 2001. Here are the outboard ends with a single ply of BID applied.

NC-6 Insert October 26, 2001. In preparation to installing the NC-6 inserts, I ran into a small issue. I placed the insert on the hinge pin and drilled the hole for the BSPQ-44 rivet. I then put the rivet in the hole and it is too long. Am I supposed to drill into the "heart" of the NC-6 insert? Should I get a shorter rivet? Right now the hole I drilled only goes through the outer "skin" of the NC-6 insert.

The solution was simple - I used a BSPQ-43 rivet, which is a bit shorter but still too long initially. As I squeezed I pushed in and I was able to get the head of the rivet in place easily before the rivet was locked into place.

At this point the elevators weighed about 25 ounces each. I believe this is a good weight.

Assembling Elevator November 4, 2001. Here is a shot of attaching one of the elevators to the offset. The nut for the bolt goes up into the foam. I made a hole just big enough to stick the end of a 1/4" wrench into and used a rachet on the bolt head.

My spool piece needed to be 30.0" long. The elevator span needs to be 140.8" total. Each elevator is 52.1". The offsets are 3.3" (not counting the part that goes in the tubes). The 30.2" called for in the plans was too long for me. I had actually calculated all of this prior to putting the hardpoints in the canard so I had no problem. Besides, the hardpoints are 1" wide - room for a little error.

Assembled Elevator November 4, 2001. Here is the elevator assemply all layed out. The elevators are attached to the offsets which are separated by the spacer. All bolts are in place and the hinges are in place on the hinge pins. My work table is getting a bit cramped since the canard is still under construction on the other side.

Test Fitting Elevators November 9, 2001. After completing the canard and sanding the trailing edge straight I test fit the elevator into place using the four "L" jigs. These jigs should result in the elevator being located in the proper place, at a 15° angle, with no gap between the top of the elevator and the canard trailing edge. This picture shows all that being true with one problem - the "L" jig isn't laying flat on the bottom of the canard.

I need to find out the best solution. I could shorten the canard trailing edge. I could ignore the problem - the elevator is at the correct angle and there is no gap but the elevator would be at too low a waterline by about 3/16".

Mounting Elevators November 10, 2001. After making some adjustments to the trailing edge I made all the slots for the hinges, filled them up with wet flox, and set the elevators in place. I then added the "L" jigs to get the elevators at the right location and angle. I didn't need any bondo since the trailing edge holds up the elevators. I used sand bags to hold down the jigs against the canard.

Floxed Hinge November 10, 2001. A close-up of one of the hinges floxed into place.