Chapter 12 - Step 3

This step involves trimming the elevators to fit against the fuselage side. The canard installation is completed by making some filler pieces so there is no gap in the fuselage side. and the canard.

Fuselage Cutout June 21, 2002. This shot shows the small cutout in the fuselage needed for the elevator offset.

Elevator Trimmed June 21, 2002. Here is the inboard end of the elevator after trimming it to clear the fuselage. I've heard references of builders making a fairing on the fuselage side. I will look into that because at the moment the gap between the elevator and the fuselage side is not uniform due to the movement of the elevator, the angled cut, and the shape of the fuselage side.

Gap Filler June 22, 2002. Once the canard is fitted in the fuselage, there is a small gap that needs to be filled in. Here is a close-up of the foam piece I added to fill the gap. Obviously it has been cut to clear the torque tube offset. Eventually this will get glassed and cleaned up. This will most likely get done after the canard cover is done.

Cutout Glassed June 22, 2002. Here is the fuselage/canard cutout after adding a layer of BID. Instead of normal flox corners, as shown on large drawing M-11 (or is M-10?), I just scraped some of the foam down and filled the whole depression with flox. This way, if I need to sand the BID down a bit, I won't expose any foam. You may notice that the cutout doesn't really have an obvious cutout for the torque tube. What I did was sloped the foam in front of the torque tube cutout so I can more easily add/remove the canard. The filler piece takes up this space.