Chapter 13 - Step 3

This step involves adding the nose gear retract mechanism. Mine is quite different from the plans since I am using the electric nose lift from Jack Wilhelmson instead of the mechanical setup from Brock.

July 9, 2002. Here is the nose assembly including the 2 NG-30s, 2 NG-50s, 2 NG-14s, MKNG-6A, the nose strut, and all the bolts, nuts, and washers to hold it all together.

July 9, 2002. Here is a closer view of the NG-50s and NG-14s. I made the NG-14s myself from 1/2" OD x 1/4" ID x 2.5" long aluminum tubing. Each NG-50 is 1/4" thick so the space between the NG-30s is 3".

July 9, 2002. Another shot of the completed assembly.

July 22, 2002. A shot of NG-3A, MKNG-4, and MKNG-6A on the strut. The NG-3A and MKNG-6A came from Jack. The NG-3A is supplied with the nose lift and the MKNG-6A was purchased from Jack separately. It is supposed to be vastly superior to the plans NG-6 from Brock.

I had a big problem with the MKNG-4. It was too wide to fit inside Jack's NG-3A. I talked with someone from Brock and found out that the original NG-4 used on the Long-EZ and the Cozy III is about 2 5/32" wide while the MKNG-4 for the Cozy IV is 2 1/4" wide. Also the MKNG-4 is 1/16" thick while the original NG-4 is a bit thinner. Now Jack makes his NG-3A wide enough for the NG-4, not the MKNG-4. Everyone says not to use the NG-4 on a Cozy IV - you must use the MKNG-4. I talked with Jack about the fit problem and he says he just squeezes it in a vise. So that is what I ended up doing. Make sure you place a block inside MKNG-4 so when you squeeze it, the "ears" don't bend inward. It's hard to do but with some effort it can be done. I found placing MKNG-4 inside NG-3A and putting the whole thing in the vise helped.