Chapter 13 - Step 4

This step has you add F-0 and F-5 and attach the whole assembly to F-22.

F-0 and F-5 Curing July 26, 2002. This shows how I added F-0 and F-5 to the NG-30 assembly. Like many people, I decided to do it this way instead of the plans method. I cut out the two bulkheads, all the glass, and then add the BID to the aft face of F-0, the forward face of F-5, and wet out the BID tapes. I then added flox to the NG-30s where the bulkheads go. I then layed the NG-30 assembly on top of F-0 in the correct position. I made some micro fillets and added the BID tapes. I then added F-5. Last, I peel plied the tapes and weighted everything down to ensure F-0 stayed flat and the NG-30 assembly stayed balanced on F-0.

As is the case with much of the construction, double check the dimensions of F-5. The plans dimensions for this were a bit off for me. The best way to make F-5 is to hold the piece of foam in place against the NG-30s and simply trace the proper outline. You will then have a perfectly matching F-5.

Mounting NG-30s to F-22 August 6, 2002. Here is the NG-30 assembly being floxed into place on F-22. It took me over an hour of tweaking to get everything just right. I clamped two supports to F-0 that held up the front end. I clamped a block to the bottom of the fuselage at F-22 to hold the aft end of the assembly. I had a plumb line hanging off of the firewall, off of F-22, and off of F-0. I adjusted things until all three strings were in the same plane and the nose strut hung down straight along the F-0 string. Once I finally could replicate this setup and add clamps to hold it all in place for cure, I removed the clamps, added flox to the aft ends of the NG-30s and put back in place. I added the clamps and tweaked it all some more until everything lined up perfect again. I locked up and turned out the lights. Hopefully in the morning it will still be straight. I will add the BID tapes next. All the clamps and stuff would have made it too difficult to tape now.

Mounting nose assembly August 6, 2002. Here is a wider shot of the whole assembly in place. You can see the legs I clamped to F-0 and the plumb lines from F-22 and F-0.

Aft end of assembly August 6, 2002. A close-up of the aft end of the assembly at F-22. Lots of clamps to hold it in place for cure. No nails where needed.

Front two plumb lines August 6, 2002. Here you can see that the front two plumb lines at F-22 and F-0 are in line with the nose strut. They are also in line with the plumb line at the firewall which can't be seen in this picture.

I did it this way because my fuselage is laying on top and perpendicular to my workbench. I needed to do this because of space constraints. The downside is that I can't draw a line from the firewall to F-22 and extend it to line up the strut. My approach actually worked well though since I can see under the table enough to line up the three plumb lines.