Chapter 13 - Step 9

This step involves mounting the pitot tube and static ports plus the associated tubing. The nose forward of F-0 is filled in too.

Static Port Tube February 1, 2003. Here is my static port tube made from 1/4" aluminum tubing bent from a 6" length. One end is pinched closed. This was easily done by using cutting shears to cut to length instead of a hack saw.

Static Port Tube Mounted February 1, 2003. After measuring the location for the static tube I used a 1/4" drill to start the hole then used some other poking tools to dig out enough foam for the tube. The hole was then filled with micro and the tube was put into place. Before gluing the tube in place I traced it on the plans so I have exact measurements to figure out where on the outside to drill the three 1/16" holes.

Pitot plumbing January 18, 2004. This shows the bottom portion of the ballast compartment and the crazy pitot setup. The bottom of the nose was filled earlier and then hollowed out. I glassed this lower "hole" now because when I fill the top half of this area it will be much harder to glass this area.

Pitot plumbing January 18, 2004. This shows the full pitot run.

Nose foam February 10, 2003. Here is the nose filled in with rough blocks of foam. This will all get sanded to shape after the canopy has been installed so I can ensure a smooth top. You can clearly see where the ballast compartment will be.

Nose foam February 10, 2003. Another shot of the nose all filled in.