Chapter 14 - Step 5

This step involves adding the outside hardpoints and glassing the shear web on the aft face of the spar.

Completed Shear Web May 19, 2002. The shear web was one of those layups that takes longer than you think it should. I planned on 4 hours - it took 7 - and I didn't start until after 8pm. Anyway, the real trick was getting the UNI at the correct angle, fibers straight, and the ends flush with the edges of the spar cap troughs. The first layer took much longer than the rest as I figured out how to do it better on each layer. The trick is to cut the UNI strips to be about an inch wider than needed - about 14". Lay each piece out about where it needs to be. Make sure the fibers are about 45° and then get the back edge lined up with the back spar cap trough. Now keep one hand on this face while you grab the other end of the fibers and pull them a bit to ensure each fiber is nice and straight then smooth the glass on the top (aft face), then work the glass onto the front trough. The glass should overhang the trough edge a bit. Now take your scissors and run them along the trough edge and cut the glass to size. As the plans say, it is better to be up to a 1/4" too short than to bunch up the glass along the edge of the trough. Now repeat for each piece for four layers. Don't forget the peel ply.