Chapter 14 - Step 9

This step involves finishing the construction of the spar by making access cutouts in the forward face, glassing the forward face and the two ends.

Initial Access Holes June 10, 2002. Here are the two access holes in the front of the spar. At this point I have only cut the rough hole. I still need to taper the foam and expose some of the glass. I drew the outline of the hole and then used my Dremel tool with a cutting bit.

Completed Access Holes June 14, 2002. Here is one of the completed access holes. The edges are sanded nice and smooth so I won't scratch up my arm every time I reach in there.

Spar End June 14, 2002. Here is the end of the spar after making the 2 1/4" hole and flox corners. The foam in the hole has also been recessed slightly so dry micro can be put on to cover the foam. I simply used a scrap piece of foam rubbed around the hole to recess it a bit - it doesn't take much.