Chapter 16 - Step 2

This step has you create all the control linkage parts.

Control Parts October 12, 2003. The first thing to figure out is the list of parts on page 16-1, schedule A and B. I marked up the diagram at the start of chapter 16 with all the part numbers so I knew where everthing would go. Here are some things to keep in mind:

Lots of metal rods and tubes October 15, 2003. Lots of parts to cut and drill. I will admit it was a nice change of pace from all the glass work on the wings.

Keeping it all straight October 18, 2003. Here is an example of a very important step not really discussed in the plans. Mark everything! In the middle of each part I wrote (with a Sharpie) the name of the part (i.e. CS-105) plus the side it belonged to (L or R). At the end of each part I wrote the number of the part that that end went next to. In this picture the left most tube is CS-105. You can see 116 written on the end because this end of CS-105 was next to CS-116. The right most tube in the picture is CS-116. I wrote 105 on the end that mated with CS-105 (not counting the universal in between). You can even see (in the glare) 105 R written on the left end of the universal indicating that that end of the universal mated with CS-105 and belonged to the right set of controls. This all becomes most important when you start drilling holes because if you pick up the wrong end of a tube, the holes wont line up and you now have four combinations to try out. The last thing I did that is not in this picture is to mark mating ends with a line. Even if you have the two correct ends you still have two choices to line up the holes (rotate 180°). The mark lets you know the alignment. I just made all these notations after drilling each hole. This makes reassembly much easier later.