Chapter 17 - Step 1

This step has you build and install the roll trim system.

CZRT-3 April 28, 2005. Here are the two CZRT-3 roll trim pieces with the tubing 5-minute epoxied into place. Lots of nails to hold the tubing in place.

Roll Trim Handle Bolts April 28, 2005. The IP with the two roll trim handle bolts in place.

Floxing Roll Trim Handle Bolts April 28, 2005. The back of the IP showing the plywood covering the roll trim handle bolt heads. The piece of foam is being used to keep the plywood tight against the IP while the epoxy dries.

Marking Roll Trim Cable Location April 28, 2005. Since I mounted the front seat thigh supports before I did the roll trim system I needed to go back and notch the supports where the roll trim cable would go. I used a straight piece of wire to layout the cable path and mark the supports.

Notching Thigh Supports April 28, 2005. Here are the passenger thigh supports after cutting for the roll trim cable. The straight piece of wire was used to show the path of the roll trim cable.

Added UNI to CZRT-3 May 8, 2005. Here are the CZRT-3s after adding two layers of UNI over the tubing. The UNI doesn't care too much for the tight radius around the tubing so after I wet it all out I layed the parts on the bench between two layers of plastic and weighted it all down. Worked perfect. Now I just need to trim everything.

Floxed into place May 14, 2005. After trimming and cutting out the big hole I floxed the pieces in place in the fuselage then added the BID tapes. Here they after cure and trimming. I've decided to wait until much more of the interior is done to mount the actual roll trim cables to they aren't in the way.