Chapter 18 - Step 1

This step has you build the turtleback jig.

Assembling the Jig April 8, 2004. Here is the jig near completion. I've used 3/8" particle board for the main parts. I am making the jig so the front of the turtleback is about 1.5" taller than plans but the same width. I used CAD to scale the plans curves to the proper height then plotted them out for cutting.

Jig Attachments April 8, 2004. I'm using simple corner brackets and screws to hold everything together.

Completed Jig April 10, 2004. The completed turtleback jig. Nothing too hard, just ensure the two end boards are vertical so you can trim the foam easier later.

Strip close-up April 10, 2004. You can see each strip is held on by screws. One thing I didn't do that I wish I had was to cut the strips flush with the ends of the jig. This makes trimming the foam much easier after glassing the inside.