Chapter 18 - Step 4

This step has you shape and glass the outside of the turtleback.

Leading edge depression April 27, 2004. Here is the front edge of the turtleback after removing 1" of foam and sanding the 5/8" x 1/16" depression. Later, both little "steps" were rounded to allow for the UNI to follow without causing bubbles. The plans are unclear about how far the UNI should go. After checking with Nat, it was made clear that the outer layup needs to go all the way to the end for a glass-to-glass bond on the outer 1" lip.

Leading edge jig April 27, 2004. Here is the leading edge sanding jig I used. This gave me a perfect depression of the proper dimensions.

Trailing edge jig April 28, 2004. Here is the trailing edge sanding jig.

Cut line jig April 28, 2004. Lastly, here is the cut line depression sanding jig.

All the sanding jigs April 28, 2004. A shot of all three depression sanding jigs. I used a stir stick with 120 grit sandpaper for the 1/16" depth. A bit anal perhaps but I ended up with very nice, properly sized depressions.

Hardpoint April 28, 2004. I used a chisel to remove the foam where the hardpoint is installed. Nothing tricky here.

Glassing outside May 2, 2004. George came over again to help get all the outer glass layed in place. He took another shot of me using too much epoxy. You can see a small vertical board at the after end of the turtleback. I used this to help keep the proper shape in the turtleback.

Fully peel plied May 2, 2004. After getting both layers wet out, I peel plied the whole turtleback. This will make finishing much easier later on.