Chapter 19 - Step 1

This step has you create the wing jigs.

Boxes of Parts January 29, 2003. Here is my workshop full of boxes containing all the foam and other parts for the wings and winglets. It sure is a lot of foam (the big box).

Finished Wing Jig February 4, 2003. My wing jigs are slightly different from the plans. I used 5/8" particle board for all the jigs. I also used screws instead of flox to hold the four tabs in place on each jig. I made the jigs as follows: 1) Cut out the 5 rectangles and made sure all was square and straight. 2) Glued on the templates. 3) Screwed the tabs in place and drilled the bolt holes. 4) Clearly marked all the tabs. 5) Removed the tabs and cut each jig into four parts. 6) Cut out the airfoil shape in each of the four pieces. 7) Screwed the tabs back on.