Chapter 19 - Step 11

This step has you create the aileron control linkages.

Wing root bearing November 7, 2003. I'm using the suggested FMN10 bearing instead of the original plans phenolic. I chose to make an aluminum mounting place for it. It is a simple rectangle of 1/16" aluminum. I mounted two nutplates to the backside to accept the AN4 bolts. The mount will be microed into place and glassed over. The bearing is then simply bolted into place on top of the glass. I now have a bearing that can be easily unbolted and replaced if it ever wears out.

Glassed root bearing November 14, 2003. Here is the inboard wing root after adding the three layers of bid. Boy, what a fun layup. Gravity is not your friend on this one. Lots of micro fillets in all the corners and around all the aluminum parts. Go slow, be patient, and it all works out fine.

Wing root controls November 15, 2003. Here are all the controls in the wing root. There is nothing too difficult but you need to try and keep everything inline and get all the angles at 90°. If not, aileron travel won't be the same up and down. The hardest part of all this was getting CS-152 drilled to CS-151. CS-132 and CS-152 come predrilled from Brock. This stinks because this would be MUCH easier to mark than CS-151/CS-152 because that joint is inside the wing core. Some tape and trial and error eventually leads to the correct orientation for drilling. The only other tricky part is drilling the four holes in the leading edge for the two CS-127 brackets. I have a few oval holes for those.

Wing root belcrank November 15, 2003. A shot of the belcrank. I reveresed some of these parts from the plans layout. At this point I don't remember why. Something seemed to fit better this way and I think I originally thought it would be safer, but it isn't. The problem is there doesn't seem to be a way to set all this up so all bolts are pointing down and have the bearings on top of the belcrank so if a nut comes off, this don't immediately separate (VERY BAD). Actually as I write this there is a way. The CS-131 spacer can be cut in half with half above and half below the belcrank. Hmmmmmm. I'll have to look into this more.