Chapter 19 - Step 5

This step involves adding the bottom spar cap to the wing.

Wing Jigs August 16, 2003. I'm not a fan of Bondo so I used some small, metal right angle brackets to screw the wing jigs into place. I made a chalk line on the table for the trailing edge. I then measured out the location for the five jigs. I then screwed the jigs into place in their proper location.

It's not obvious in this picture but I marked the trailing edge line at an angle on the table. I set it up so the leading edge of the wing was about even with the edge of the table. I did this to minimize the amount I would need to lean over to reach the spar cap. Hopefully it doesn't make it harder to add the bottom skin after that.

Wing Jigs August 16, 2003. Here are all five jigs in place. This approach is quite different from the plans which has you secure the wing foam to the jigs after the shear web layup, and then lift the whole wing, with jigs, up onto the table. I chose my method because it was much easier to remove all the jigs first, set them up, and then lay the wing back in place. It also made it easier for me to double check waterlines and wing twist than I could have done with the wing standing up on the trailing edge.

Spar Cap Dam - Outside August 16, 2003. Once the wing was in place I built a dam for the spar cap along the wing root end. My experience with building the dam for the main spar led me to a more robust, sturdy approach for the wing. I also didn't worry about getting the dam the same height as the foam. My feeling is that I can add the spar cap just fine and ensure it is level this way.

Spar Cap Dam - Inside August 16, 2003. Another shot of the dam from the other side. Of course there is clear tape along the inside edge of the dam so it doesn't become a permanent part of the wing.

Ready for Sparcap August 16, 2003. Here is the wing all prepared for the spar cap layup. I taped newspaper all along the trough to cover the foam. I have my tape dispenser nearby. I didn't have enough room to put it exactly where I would have liked but this will work. Side note - I don't see how you could build this plane with a 10 foot workbench. Mine is 12 feet long and, at times, is barely long enough.

Completed Spar Cap August 20, 2003. The completed bottom spar cap. Nothing new here assuming you have built the main spar already.