Chapter 19 - Step 8

This step has you add antennas and the wing top skin.

Nav2 Antenna September 20, 2003. Here is the NAV2 antenna being installing on the top of the right wing. I routed the cable along the top for a little then drilled down at an angle to meet the wire conduit. You can see the cable exiting the wing core from the small conduit hole. This will be shared with the wires for the lights and strobe.

Right wing top September 20, 2003. In preparation for glassing the top of the wing I had to route the rudder cable conduit. You can just make out the channel I routed. I clamped the straight edge in place for the dremel to get a nice straight groove.

Rudder Conduit September 22, 2003. I am going to install the hidden rudder belhorn so the rudder conduit is routed a little different at the wing tip. Following the plans from RAF the conduit is routed close to the outboard corner of the aileron cutout and should get close to the trailing edge of the wing. Don't get too close to the aileron corner. Double check based on the cutout dimensions in step 10. Do not use the dimensions for the peel ply in this step.

Glassed wing top September 27, 2003. After glassing the top I clamped some aluminum angle along the length of the trailing edge to help get a real straight line. Following Wayne Hick's idea - I bought some cheap clothes pins to hold it in place. Of course there is a seam in the aluminum at BL 65 where the trailing edge has a bend in it.