Chapter 20 - Step 1

This step involves cutting the foam cores for the upper and lower winglets.

Upper Winglet Core July 14, 2003. Here is one of the upper winglet cores with the urethane cap on top. The lines show the direction of the two layers of UNI and the area to be covered with BID. There is nothing hard about cutting the winglet cores but the top does get a little messed up because the hot wire saw must move so slowly compared to the bottom due to the big difference in size. You may notice some small depressions in the core in the upper half. They are not as bad as this picture appears. A little dry micro before glassing will help and once the outside gets finished later they will look just fine.

Lower Winglet Cores July 14, 2003. Here are both lower winglets after being cut to shape and sanded round on the bottom.

Lower Winglet Leading Edges July 14, 2003. Here are both lower winglets from the leading edge. I had to cut one of them out twice because I misaligned the leading edges of the templates by an inch. It looked fine when done. I didn't notice the problem until I set the two cores next to each other and something just didn't look right.