Chapter 20 - Step 2

This steps involves glassing the upper and lower winglets. COM antennas are added to the upper winglets.

Removed Fishtail July 19, 2003. Here is one of the upper winglets. I have glassed the inboard side and have flipped it and cut off the fishtail and sanded the core smooth. The line is where the COM antenna will go. The trailing edge is done just like the canard (and main wing).

Glassed Lower Winglet July 19, 2003. Here is the interior layup of the lower winglet. This made for a late night. I finished the glass work at 10:30pm and had to head back out at 1:30am to knife trim and add the dry micro to the trailing edge.

COM Antenna July 19, 2003. Here is the COM antenna just prior to installation. I used a dremel to route out a channel for the coax. I did a check to make sure I had continuity between the end of each antenna and the end of the coax - looked good. I also made a depression in the foam for the copper tape where the coax is attached. This keeps the wire and solder below the level of the foam. This will get filled with micro just prior to glassing.

COM Antennas August 9, 2003. Here are both upper winglets with the COM antennas in place just prior to glassing. I put a little micro in the channel for the coax and then set the coax in place. I used some pins to hold the cable down for cure. Prior to glassing I just filled the remaining coax channel with micro.