Chapter 24 - Step 1

This step has you create map pockets for the front arm rests.

Map pocket mold March 21, 2004. Here is the mold for the map pockets. There is some strange math going on in this part. The top of the electrical conduit is supposed to be at W.L. 8. The top of the longeron is at W.L. 23. That's obviously 15". Now the plans say to make the map pocket 5" tall and to have the top 11" below the top of the longeron. That's 16"! The plans mention there MIGHT be some interference with the conduit (oh, just an inch). This doesn't take into account the flange around the pocket plus the rudder conduit on top of the electrical conduit. I ended up making my map pockets 3.75" tall instead of 5". I also made them slightly thicker because I had the room.

Glassed Map Pockets March 19, 2004. Here are the map pockets after glassing. All I have to do is trim the edges, cut in half, and I will have two nice map pockets.