Chapter 24 - Step 2

This step has you create the front arm rests.

Front right armrest foam March 19, 2004. Here are the four main pieces for the front right arm rest. The angled piece was the most "interesting" to make. There are several cuts with compound angles. I used a scrap piece to get the angles right then used that to cut the real piece. I'm trying to decide if I'm going to make part of the arm rest removable or not - just like the rear arm rest. This will make access to electrical much easier while still keeping CS-109 secure.

Glassing Armrest Interior April 4, 2004. Here is the front right armrest after glassing the interior with 1 BID. Nothing complicated here.

Trimmed Armrest in Place April 5, 2004. Here is the front right armrest after trimming the interior layup, tweaking the fit, cutting the opening for the map pocket, and rounding the corners.

Trimmed Armrest in Place April 5, 2004. Another angle of the armrest.

Armrest Transition April 6, 2004. Here is the transition piece. I used some scrap wing core foam. I first cut a piece to width to fit between the two pieces of the armrest. I then cut it to height to fit between the floor and the control stick. I then shaped the edges to fit against the fuselage side and bottom. Finally I sanded the contour for a smooth transition.

Armrest glassed in place May 7, 2004. Here is the front armrest after adding two layers of BID. I decided to make the whole armrest removable. I added tape to the fuselage for release. I then glassed the armrest on the workbench leaving about 1.5" dry glass overhanging all around. I then transferred the armrest to the fuselage and worked at getting all the glass laying in place properly. I then wet out about a 1" perimeter.

Completed Armrest May 13, 2004. Here is the completed front-right armrest in place. It was quite a bit of work to remove it from the fuselage after cure. But once removed it was a quick job of trimming around the edges. The next step was drilling some "hardpoints" for mouting screws. I had placed a couple of 1" square pieces of BID on the flange every 6 or inches.

Moint points May 15, 2004. It's hard to see in this picture but what I did was put the armrest back into place and drill through the flange, into the fuselage skin (inside only of course) at each of the hardpoints using a 1/16" drill. I then removed the armrest and opened up the holes in the fuselage with a 3/8" drill. I used a drill stop to ensure I didn't drill into the outside skin. I then filled these bigger holes with flox. Two of the filled holes can be seen in this picture. The flox hardpoints can now be used for machine screws or maybe tapped for regular screws to hold the armrest in place.