Chapter 24 - Step 3

This step has you create the front thigh supports.

Support bulkheads June 6, 2004. Here are the thigh support bulkheads for both the front and rear seats. I peel plied where the BID tapes will be going later.

Front seat bulkheads July 3, 2004. In a deviation from the plans, I decided to glass the front thigh support on the workbench instead of inside the fuselage. I figure this will be much easier on the back. I used a few dabs of 5-minute epoxy to hold the bulkheads in place on the workbench. They are spaced the same as they would be in the fuselage. I then attached some foam to the front to simulate the IP.

Front thigh support July 3, 2004. Here is the front thigh support temporarily attached to the bulkheads with some 5-minute epoxy. The front of the "IP" foam is covered with box tape for release but the thigh support is tacked down to the top of the "IP" foam to ensure it is straight. The front-top edge of the thigh support is also rounded. The bottom of the thigh support has already been glassed and the cuts to allow for the curve have been made.

Front thigh support July 3, 2004. Another shot of the thigh support prior to glassing. There is box tape on the bench along the aft edge to ensure I don't make the seat a permanent part of the bench.

Underside thigh support July 3, 2004. Here is the thigh support after glassing the top and removing it from the bulkheads. You can see the IP overhang on the front of the thigh support. Also the lines marking the location of the bulkheads can be seen.

Top thigh support July 5, 2004. Here is the top of the same thigh support.

Bulkheads July 5, 2004. Here are the front thigh support bulkheads floxed into place in the fuselage. I have just enough space between the outboard bulkheads and the front armrests to allow for removal of the armrests. The next day these bulkheads were taped with 2-BID tapes.

Completed Seats July 5, 2004. Here are the completed front seats in place. I just need to add a tape along the aft edge onto the fuselage.

Seat Front July 5, 2004. Here is the front seat looking aft through the IP. You can just make out the overhang from the front of the seat onto the forward face of the IP.