Chapter 24 - Step 4

This step has you build the rear armrests.

Rear armrest glassed May 2, 2004. The rear armrests are built much like the front armrests. Unlike the plans, my rear armrest is all one piece. I am making it completely removable. After getting all the foam cut, fit, and assembled, I glassed two plies of BID while on my workbench. I left about 1" - 2" of overhang all the way around - unwet. I them transferred the whole thing to the fuselage and installed it in place. I then wet out about an inch of glass all around. Prior to this I applied box sealing tape onto the fuselage around the perimeter of the armrest so the glass won't stick. When dry I will remove the armrest, trim the edges, and then used screws to hold the armrest in place.

Trimmed armrest May 6, 2004. The rear armrest after trimming.

Trimmed armrest May 6, 2004. The aft section of the rear armrest after trimming. Like the front, there are hardpoints along the flange for screws so the armrest can be secured in place.

Back seat May 30, 2004. A shot looking forward through the firewall area into the back seat section. The turtleback has been set in place temporarily for the shot. The two rear armrests are in place as well.