Chapter 4 - Step 1

This covers the building of the front seatback. This is made from H45 PVC foam. It is made from two sheets due to its size.

Front Seatback Foam November 14, 1999. Here is the front seatback after gluing the two sheets of foam together, cutting to size, and beveling one edge. It is now ready for the first layers of glass. I messed up the bevel and had to fix it. In the process the seatback became too short. I glued on a thin strip to the other end and recut to size.

First Layup of Front Seatback December 11, 1999. Here is the seatback after applying the first layup. This layup took a long time to complete. I'll never finish at this rate. This is so much bigger than all the practice layups.

Flox Corner December 12, 1999. Here is the seatback after trimming the first layup and making all the flox corners. It also shows the rounding of the side edge on the back.

Completed Seatback December 18, 1999. The completed seatback. Overall it came out OK. It has a warp in it though. Not too bad and I can easily flex it straight so it should install into the fuselage properly. I need to weight these things down better.

Damaged Corner December 19, 1999. A close up of a bottom, back corner. Both look similar. I did a lousy job of getting the glass to go around this corner. This will need some minor repair. At least it is not a structural concern.

Note: I waited until much later to cut out the notch for the electrical channel. DON'T wait, do it now. It's much harder to do later. Same with the holes for the control pushrod - though it's not too bad to do that later since it's not right against the edge like the notch.