Chapter 7 - Step 3

Step 3 involves glassing the bottom of the fuselage and adding some reinforcements over the landing gear attach points.

Glassing the Bottom June 10, 2000. Here is the bottom after a long day of glassing and peel plying. The plans say step 3 should take 3 hours, it took me 10! I've learned to triple those estimates. There is no way you could do all of step 3 in three hours.

Glassing the Brake June 10, 2000. Here is the depression around the speed brake all peel plied. I ran into a problem getting the glass to stay down in the depression. What I ended up doing was cutting the glass with a sharp X-Acto blade. I cut at the edge of the tape where it would have been cut in chapter 9. This allowed the glass to sit in the depression properly and as a bonus, I think it will make chapter 9 easier when it comes to cutting the brake loose.

More Joggle Madness June 10, 2000. Here are some more jigs used to hold the glass in the joggle. I am sure glad this is over with. This rig is much easier than my earlier attempt because the edges are rounded.

NACA Scoop June 10, 2000. The NACA scoop all glassed up. Obviously some trimming needs to occur later.