Chapter 7 - Step 5

Step 5 involves glassing both sides of the fuselage.

Front Support June 17, 2000. I made a pair of braces to allow the fuselage to be rotated along its longitudenal axis. This makes glassing the sides and the chapter 8 work easier. Both braces are the same except for how they attach. Each is made from three legs of 2"x4"s. A 1/2" bolt goes through the mount and through the top of the legs.

Front Clamp June 17, 2000. The front suppor is attached by two boards bolted together. F-22 is simply squeezed between the boards. No holes were needed in the bulkhead.

Another View June 17, 2000.

Rear Support June 17, 2000. The rear support contains a single board clamped against the firewall. The bolt goes through this board into the top of the legs.

Left Side Complete June 18, 2000. Here is the pilot side all glassed. Nothing too tricky here. Just takes some time.

Making Vroooom Noises June 26, 2000. After seven months of construction, Shelly and I got to sit in the fuselage and make the customary vroooom noises!