Chapter 8 - Step 6

Step 6 involves making and installing the attach points for the seatbelts at the outside attachment points.

Plywood Reinforcements June 27, 2000. Here are the four plywood reinforcements for the outside seatbelt attachments. The two on the left show the top surface and the two on the right show the face that will go against the longeron. You may notice the bevels are not the same. Figure 11 on page 8-3 makes them appear symetrical but they are not.

The dimensions of the reinforcements are about 2 5/8" long (along the longeron) and about 2 1/2" wide. The reinforcement where the step goes is 4 3/4" long.

Rough Angle Brackets June 27, 2000. These are the four angle brackets cut 2" long for the seatbelt attachments. After cutting to length on the band saw I made a template for the shape with a piece of masonite. I then traced the curve on each piece. I then used the band saw to cut the two main angles then used a file to round everything nicely.

Finished Angles June 27, 2000. Here are the angles after being cut to shape and filed smooth and round.

Front Left Reinforcement July 1, 2000. Here is the seat belt attach point in the front left position. This one is longer than the rest because of the outside step.

Note: Make sure this lines up with the step reinforcement on the outside of the fuselage. I had this in place and peel plied when I realized it was an inch too far aft. Luckily nothing was too dry yet and I was able to move it.

Front Right Reinforcement July 1, 2000. The front right seat belt reinforcement. Note how much shorter it is.