Chapter 8 - Step 7

Step 7 involves making a heat duct in the rear seat area.

Heat Duct Foam July 1, 2000. All the foam pieces for the rear heat duct have been cut.

Transition Piece July 1, 2000. I cut the transition piece from a piece of urethane foam. First I cut it 1.5" x 1.5" x 6". I then traced a 1.5" circle on one end. I then sanded half of the part into a cylinder. I then sanded a smooth transition from the cylinder to the box shape.

I knew box sealing tape wouldn't conform to the complex shape so I am taking a gamble with electrical tape which conforms to complex shapes very well. Here you can see the piece after applying a long strip of electrical tape around the part. (This turned out to work very weel).

Transition Piece Glassed July 1, 2000. To apply the two layers of BID I just cut a piece long enough so I could wrap it around the piece twice. The peel ply will hide the seam. Hopefully I can get the foam and tape out when dry. I have no idea how well epoxy sticks to electrical tape. Time will tell.

Bare Rear Heat Duct July 13, 2000. Here is the rear heat duct just before glassing.

Glassed Rear Heat Duct July 13, 2000. Here is the heat duct just after glassing.

Installed Rear Heat Duct July 18, 2000. Here is the heat duct installed in the rear of the fuselage. I floxed the heat duct, taped it, floxed the transition piece, taped it, and the seven layer seat belt reinforcement, and peel plied everything in one session.

Installed Transition July 18, 2000. Here is a close-up of the transition piece in place.