Log Entries - Chapter 0

Tue 9/21/99 0 This was the day I officially decided to build a Cozy Mark IV. I registered for the Cozy Builders mailing list. Ordered the Wicks catalog online from their website. Signed up for an EAA membership via their website. 0
Wed 9/22/99 0 Began receiving e-mail for the Builders list. Ordered the Aircraft Spruce catalog by phone. 0
Fri 9/24/99 0 Received the Wicks catalog in the mail. There sure are a lot of neat toys in there. 0
Sat 9/25/99 0 Purchased the Cozy Mark IV plans from Nat Puffer in Mesa, AZ. He said they would be sent out later today!. Bought a table saw from Home Depot. We need this for a current house project anyway. 0
Mon 9/27/99 0 Received the Aircraft Spruce catalog. 0
Tue 9/28/99 0 Receieved the Cozy Mark IV plans in the mail. Began reading the first three chapters. 2
Wed 9/29/99 0 Began marking up the plans with corrections and tips from the newsletters. 3
Thu 9/30/99 0 Finished marking up the plans from the newsletters. This includes numbers 52 through 67. 2
Sat 10/2/99 0 Created a list of tools needed to build the plane. Read chapters 4 through 7. Determined when various tools would be required. 10
Sun 10/3/99 0 Bought a table top band saw from Sears. Began cleaning up the garage to convert it into a workshop. 7
Tue 10/5/99 0 Contacted Wicks to get a fax copy of the Cozy materials list by chapter. 0
Sat 10/9/99 0 Worked on Wicks order briefly. Continued work on garage. 9
Sun 10/10/99 0 More work on the garage. 8
Wed 10/13/99 0 Began work on this website to document construction. 2
Thu 10/14/99 0 Worked on website. 2
Fri 10/15/99 0 Big setback - we discovered that the table saw and unused band saw have been stolen from the garage. Also taken were a circular saw, sabre saw, and drill. Major bummer! Worked on website layout some more. 3
Sat 10/16/99 0 Finished initial setup of website. Entered log entries through today. 8
Sun 10/17/99 0 Added some pictures of the garage renovation to the Chapter 0 page. Nearly finished insulating the second floor and bought some drywall. Bought a new drill and circular saw to replace the stolen ones. 5
Mon 10/18/99 0 Started dry walling the second floor of the garage. I have never done this before - what a pain. Nothing is square and every sheet needs at least one cutout of some sort. Three hours and only three sheets up. Hopefully it will become easier. 3
Tue 10/19/99 0 Bought the rest of the drywall to finish the upstairs of the garage. 1
Wed 10/20/99 0 Removed the sliding door and framed it in. 4
Thu 10/21/99 0 Finished drywalling south wall and did most of ceiling. Did I mention how much I dislike drywalling? I really want to finish so I can start my plane. 6
Sat 10/23/99 0 Finished insulating second floor. Replaced old, broken window with new one. Took quite a while due to the fact that the new window was a different size. 9
Sun 10/24/99 0 Lots of drywalling. Three walls and the ceiling are now complete. I have one wall left - the most difficult. All that is left for the upstairs is patching some floor gaps, sealing the band of brick, mudding and taping the drywall, painting, and sealing the floor. Ugh, that's still a lot to do. 7
Tue 10/26/99 0 Finally finished putting up all the drywall. The west wall was a pain. Took me 1 1/2 hours to cut the first piece. It had 8 different cuts in it! It's much easier getting around now without sheets of drywall and scraps everywhere. I was definitely too anal about cutting all this. That will be a good trait for the plane but overkill for drywall. I was unhappy if there were 1/8" gaps anywhere. My wife had to remind me that is what mud and tape are for. No wonder it took me so long. Added some more pictures of my progress to the Chapter 0 page. Reminded me of a saying I heard long ago - Measure with a micrometer, mark with chalk, cut with an axe. 6
Thu 10/28/99 0 Added some rubber stripping to bottom of garage door to keep out dust and moisture. Composed email of all my chapter 4 questions. 2
Fri 10/29/99 0 Fixed some of the gaps in the floor near the wall. 1
Sat 10/30/99 0 Began putting plaster over the brick to seal it. 2
Sun 10/31/99 0 Shelly and I completed about 3/4 of the drywall taping and mudding. 4
Mon 11/1/99 0 Finished mudding and taping the garage. Studied chapter 6. 5
Tue 11/2/99 0 Prepared and finalized first order. Placed first order with Wicks. Kits for chapters 4 through 7, MGS epoxy, and various tools. 2
Wed 11/3/99 0 Continued plastering brick. Worked on window trim. Patched hole in floor. 5
Thu 11/4/99 0 Shelly finished texturing the walls. Finished plastering the brick. Added more pictures to the Chapter 0 page. 4
Fri 11/5/99 0 Shelly primed the upstairs to the garage. Began cleaning up in preparation for the downstairs work. 3
Sat 11/6/99 0 Shelly painted the upstairs while I made two trips to the hardware store to get a new door and parts, a light, more primer, and more caulk. The door was a pain. I had to cut two sides to make it fit and then cut all the holes to install a new knob and deadbolt. And of course I had to do the mortises for the hinges. The upstairs is done except for one last vacuum, and reinstalling all the outlet covers. 7
Sun 11/7/99 0 A long day of painting. Shelly and I primed and painted the entire first floor of the garage. What a difference. It's a lot brighter in there now. Instead of old, grey concrete it is now bright white. I added a bunch of pictures to the Chapter 0 page showing the painting and the completed garage. I can now turn it into a workshop. Next task is building a work bench, jig table, fiberglass rack, and tool rack. 12
Mon 11/8/99 0 Made a trip to Home Depot to purchase materials to build the jig table, fiberglass cabinet, and epoxy heat box. 3
Tue 11/9/99 0 I received my first order from wicks. UPS dropped off five boxes. "Hey, where's the sixth?". Two hours later they dropped off the missing box. I built the bulk of the jig table. You can see the details on the Chapter 0 page. 6
Wed 11/10/99 0 Built the bulk of the fiberglass rack. I still need to attach it to the wall. Got the jig table turned over with the help of some neighbors. 5
Thu 11/11/99 0 Put the shelf on the jig table and covered the top with masonite. Mounted the glass rack on the wall, attached the face, and mounted the dowels to hold the spools of glass. Details of the fiberglass rack can be seen on the Chapter 0 page. 6
Fri 11/12/99 0 Built a simple workbench. Put up some pegboard to hang tools. Bought and assembled a simple four shelf cabinet to store items. Finished putting away and organizing all the supplies and tools. Now all I need is the epoxy pump. Added heat to the garage via a 1500 watt base board heater. I don't think this is going to be enough. It only got the room to 64 degress with an outside temperature of about 50. I need to add some insulation to the garage door and add the door sweep to the new entry way door. Hopefully that will help. I may get a second base board heater. 6
Sat 11/13/99 0 A few odds and ends. I added a shelf to the workbench. Adjusted the lighting. Cleaned up the yard of all the scrap wood from the past two months of work. Added weather stripping to the garage entrance door. Began adding reflective insulation to the main garage door. 4
Sun 11/14/99 0 Ran two outlets and added two more lights. Finished adding insulation to garage door. 7
Tue 12/7/99 0 Began building the epoxy pump heat box. I receieved the pump from Wicks finally. I got the box structure complete and all the foam cut. The light and thermostat are wired up and installed. All that is left is to cut a slot for an extended handle and cut the front cover to allow the spouts to stick out. 4
Wed 12/8/99 0 Finished epoxy pump hot box. Began priming the new pump and discovered lots of cloudiness in the hardener. I had to pump it all back into the cans - what a pain. I will warm it up tomorrow to decrystalize it. The back ordered foam for chapter 4 arrived today! 3
Thu 12/9/99 0 Heated up the hardener that had crystalized a bit. Filled the epoxy pump and placed it in the hot box. 1
Fri 1/21/00 0 Attended my first EAA Local Chapter meeting. This was chapter 301 held at Centennial airport. I had another technical counselor take a look at a bulkhead. He was pleased with it. This made me happy since I was worried about the dry spots I was getting from the peel ply. 0
Thu 7/27/00 0 Had my second official EAA Technical Counselor visit. Again, Terry Sickler of Chapter 301 came by to see my progress. He was quite pleased with my work. 0
Sat 5/11/02 0 Today was the first annual Colorado Cozy Builders BBQ. In attendance was Jim Howerzyl, Curt Boyll, Rich Leto, Tom Tugan, and Rick Maddy. Lots of talk of airplanes and Cozys. After eating, much time was spent looking at Ricks plane. 0
Tue 10/8/02 0 Had a visit from fellow builder Jon Dembs of Sacramento, CA. Jon is at about the same stage as me and he was quite happy to see that his plane looked just as mine did. I was happy to hear this too. It is always nice to meet other builders. 0
Chapter Total 189