Log Entries - Chapter 10

Sun 6/17/01 10 Cleaned up the cover and drilled and tapped all the mounting holes. Cleaned up the workshop. 5
Mon 6/18/01 10 Match drilled the canard templates for the nail holes. Layed out the core foam and measured for the major cuts. 1
Tue 6/19/01 10 Began cutting the foam cores for the canard. The canard cores are cut to shape except for the spar cap troughs. 4
Wed 6/20/01 10 Had a visit from Chris Hofman - a potential builder from Greenwood Village (Denver suburb). He has ordered the info pack and wanted to see a project in progress. I suspect if he gets spousal approval he may order plans soon. Cut the spar cap troughs in the center and outer cores. I then realized I used the wrong jigs on the inboard cores and also forgot to cut off the outboard cores before cutting the troughs. 1
Fri 6/22/01 10 Recut the canard cores - correctly. Used extra foam intended for wing. William (visiting from Maryland) helped out. 3
Sat 6/23/01 10 Cleaned up the cores by sanding away some minor bumps. Made dowels and holes to align leading edges. Cut off leading edges. Made the two aluminum inserts. Test fit the cores, rounded edges, aligned in 2x4 jig, and microed the cores togther nice and straight. 5
Mon 6/25/01 10 Made recesses for lift tab inserts. Began making jigs for inserts. 1
Thu 6/28/01 10 Microed the lift tab inserts into the shear web face. 1
Sat 6/30/01 10 Prepped the canard for the shear web layup. Cut all the shear web layup fiberglass. Covered the lift tab insert holes with silicon. 3
Sun 7/1/01 10 Applied the glass for the shear web and added peel ply. 6
Tue 7/3/01 10 Removed peel ply. Drilled holes for lift tabs. Floxed lift tabs into place. 1
Wed 7/4/01 10 Cleaned up from last layup. Removed canard from 2x4s. Made the 10 K jigs, and the E and F jigs. 4
Fri 7/6/01 10 Prepared the leading edge cores to be attached to the rest of the canard. 2
Sun 7/8/01 10 Made 3 more "K" jigs. Test fit the cores and microed the leading edges and outer cores to the rest of the canard. 4
Mon 7/9/01 10 Prepared the canard for the spar cap layup. Made a jig for the 3" spar cap tape. 2
Sat 9/22/01 10 Layed up the bottom spar cap on the canard. 10 layers total. 5
Sat 9/29/01 10 Sanded the spar cap and the cores to the remove all bumps and ensure everything was the proper shape. 2
Fri 10/26/01 10 Cut all glass and peel ply for canard bottom layup. 2
Sat 10/27/01 10 Glassed canard bottom. 4
Mon 10/29/01 10 Sanded the canard leading edge 1
Wed 10/31/01 10 Added new jigs to bottom of canard and flipped it over. Removed the fishtail and sanded to shape. Removed peel ply. 3
Thu 11/1/01 10 Finished sanding the proper contour in the canard top and ensuring there was no twist. Made and installed the six hinge foam hard points. 3
Sat 11/3/01 10 Finshed prepping canard top. Covered canard. Added upper spar cap and peel plied. 6
Mon 11/5/01 10 Added a Nav and Glide Slope antennas to the top of the canard. 3
Tue 11/6/01 10 Cut all the glass for the canard top. Cleaned the workbench. 1
Wed 11/7/01 10 Glassed canard top, peel plied leading edge, did micro edge treatment on trailing edge. 6
Fri 11/9/01 10 Removed all the peel ply and the PVC pipe. Sanded the trailing edge straight. Chapter 10 complete. 1
Chapter Total 80