Log Entries - Chapter 11

Mon 6/18/01 11 Made the pair of elevator cutout templates from 1/8" masonite. 1
Sun 9/16/01 11 Made new elevator templates. Cut elevator cores with Shelly. Did one practice and four good ones. 3
Tue 9/18/01 11 Filed the torque tubes so the NC-2s would fit. Inserted NC-2s and drilled rivets holes. 2
Wed 9/19/01 11 Riveted the NC-2s into the torque tubes. Cut 3" off the end of each torque tube. Fit the cores to the tube and microed the cores to one of the torque tubes. 2
Thu 9/20/01 11 Microed the other pair of cores to the other torque tube. 1
Sat 9/22/01 11 Made jigs H and I. Sanded the elevator leading edge foam to shape. 1
Sun 10/21/01 11 Glassed the bottom of the elevators. 3
Mon 10/22/01 11 Sanding leading edge. Trimmed trailing edge. Removed some trailing edge foam. Ready to glass tops. 2
Wed 10/24/01 11 Glassed the tops of the elevators. Microed the trailing edges. 3
Thu 10/25/01 11 Trimmed the elevator layups. Squared the trailing edge. Squared the outboard edge. Glassed the outboard edge. 2
Fri 10/26/01 11 Trimmed elevator ends. Fit NC-6's into place. 1
Sun 11/4/01 11 Made the four L templates and two J templates. Cut the aluminum tube to length. Mounted the elevators to the spacer. Drilled and attached all the bolts. Added the hinges into place. 5
Fri 11/9/01 11 Test fit the elevators into place on the canard. Have some interference with the trailing edge. Needs to be resolved. 1
Sat 11/10/01 11 Attached elevators to canard after doing some minor adjustments to the trailing edge. Made the canard tip blocks, drilled the hinge hole, and microed them in place. Made the "G" and "M" templates. Drilled all the rivet holes in NC-4A. 8
Sun 11/11/01 11 Contoured the upper surface of the canard tips. Glassed the upper surface of the tips. 3
Tue 11/13/01 11 Contoured the bottom of the canard tips 1
Wed 11/21/01 11 Glassed the bottom of the canard tips 3
Thu 11/22/01 11 Mounted the lead weights to the elevators, glassed, and peel plied. Mounted lead weights to inboard mounts. 3
Fri 11/23/01 11 Made the cutouts in the canard for the mass balances. Glassed the tip ends and the cutouts. 4
Sat 11/24/01 11 Cut the hinges to length, tapered the ends, and made notches for set screws. Microed the tubing in the tips. 3
Sun 11/25/01 11 Finished all the little trimming and fully assembled canard and elevators. Hung canard away for a while. 1
Chapter Total 53