Log Entries - Chapter 12

Sat 6/15/02 12 Cleaned the workshop and rearranged so I can mount the canard on the fuselage. Made the two headless bolts and drilled holes in doublers. Trimmed canard cutout so canard is level and at proper incidence. Requires 3/32" shim behind left tab. 5
Mon 6/17/02 12 Added 7 ply BID shim to F-22 for left lift tab. Began making alignment tabs. 1
Tue 6/18/02 12 Drilled lift tabs and F-22. Made alignment tabs, glued to trailing edge, added five plies BID to front. 3
Wed 6/19/02 12 Added the 4 plies BID to the other side of the alignment tabs 1
Fri 6/21/02 12 Finished the alignment tabs by trimming layups and drilling holes to size. Fit into fuselage. Made cutouts in fuselage sides for elevator offsets. Trimmed inboard ends of elevators to clear fuselage sides. 3
Sat 6/22/02 12 Finished the alignment tabs. Made the fillers for the gap between the fuselage and the canard. Added 1 ply BID over foam at fuselage cutout. 3
Sun 6/23/02 12 Cleaned up the last layup and floxed the alignment pins into place. 1
Chapter Total 17