Log Entries - Chapter 13

Mon 6/24/02 13 Cleaned and rearranged the workshop. Cut the strut to length. Sanded the strut to size for NG-15, NG-3, and NG-6. 3
Tue 6/25/02 13 Cut all the glass for the strut and added the first layer of BID, peel plied. Rough cut the NG-30 foam. Cut all the glass and peel ply for the NG-30's. Drilled holes in mounting plates. 3
Wed 6/26/02 13 Added four plies BID over both NG-30s. Made the 1/4" birch doublers, the two 1" square harpoints and the two 1/8" aluminum doublers. 3
Thu 6/27/02 13 Sanded the strut. Cut out both NG-30s. Sanded to same size, match drilled. Started depressions. 3
Fri 6/28/02 13 Finished bevel on last doubler. Cut rest of glass for NG-30 layups. Made three depression in other NG-30. Added second layer to strut. Layed up 15 layers BID for the hardpoints. 4
Sun 6/30/02 13 Finished trimming and sanding the last layup on the nose strut. Cut out six of the 15 layer BID hardpoints. 1
Mon 7/1/02 13 Added all the glass, harpoints, and doublers to the outside of each NG-30. 3
Tue 7/2/02 13 Trimmed the previous layup. Match drilled all the holes and sanded all the edges to be even and square. Cut the recess on the inside surfaces for NG-6. Added the two plies bid to the recess. 3
Tue 7/9/02 13 Finished making NG-14s. Assembled NG-30s, NG-14s, mouting plates, and NG-6. Floxed strut to NG-6. 2
Wed 7/10/02 13 Made NG-5 - had to use a hacksaw to cut 1/4" aluminum. Drilled 4 3/16" holes. Screws a bit too short. 2
Mon 7/22/02 13 Finished squeezing MKNG-4 to size. Floxed NG-5, NG-3, and NG-4 into position. 3
Fri 7/26/02 13 Drilled NG-4 holes using NG-3 as guide. Assembled NG-30s and strut. Made F-0 and F-5. Glassed and attached to NG-30s, BID taped and peel plied. 4
Tue 7/30/02 13 Cut out NG-31 and NG-32. Rearranged workshop. Cleaned up last layup. 2
Wed 7/31/02 13 Glassed front of F-0 and one side each of NG-31 and NG-32 1
Thu 8/1/02 13 Finished cutting nose bottom foam. Dished out top surface. Cut out foam for one of the nose sides. 4
Sun 8/4/02 13 Glassed the other sides of NG-31 and NG-32 1
Mon 8/5/02 13 Prepared NG-31 and NG-32 and F-0. Floxed NG-31 and NG-32 onto F-0. BID taped all joins. 3
Tue 8/6/02 13 Attached the NG-30 assembly to F-22. 2
Fri 8/9/02 13 Taped NG-30s to F-22. Added BID to aft face of F-5. Began cutting foam for nose bottom 3
Sun 8/11/02 13 Cut foam for nose sides - parts A, B, and C. 2
Mon 9/16/02 13 Glued the nose bottom foam into place. Attached some foam aft of F-22 to remove the "joggle". 1
Tue 9/17/02 13 Carved out the inside face of the nose sides including parts A,B,and C for both the left and right sides. 4
Wed 9/18/02 13 Cleaned shop of all the foam dust. Cleaned foam for glassing. 2
Thu 9/19/02 13 Cut all the glass for the nose sides, inside layup 1
Fri 9/20/02 13 Glassed bottom, inside of nose 2
Sun 9/22/02 13 Glassed sides of nose. Attached side to fuselage. 4
Mon 9/23/02 13 Trimmed side for canard. Drilled F-22 for bushings. Floxed bushing into place. Made nut plates. 4
Tue 9/24/02 13 Attached canard bolt nut plates to aft face of F-22 1
Wed 9/25/02 13 Put canard away. One of the bolts was glued - oops. Took a bit to get it out. Attached NG-15 to the nose strut. Flipped the fuselage. 2
Thu 9/26/02 13 Traced nose gear and figured location for gear doors. Cut fuselage bottom for nose gear. 2
Fri 9/27/02 13 Built a mold from Urethane foam to make my own strut cover (SC) 4
Sun 9/29/02 13 Tried to put tape on inside of SC mold - gave up. Opened rudder pedal holes in NG-30s to 3/4". Added pedal mounts (foam and nutplates). 5
Tue 10/1/02 13 Trimmed pedal mount foam for glassing. Fit nose lift into place and checked travel with nose strut. I screwed up. Strut won't retract enough into fuselage. I need to rotate the NG-50 plates or get a new pair, or move NG-3 and NG-4. 2
Sat 12/14/02 13 Reattached nose lift with new mounting plates so wheel would fully retract into fuselage. 2
Sun 12/15/02 13 Began making mold for wheel cover. Need custom cover since I am doing custom gear doors. 1
Mon 12/16/02 13 Finished making the wheel cover mold. Cut all glass for strut cover, nose wheel cover, and rudder pedal mounts. 3
Tue 12/17/02 13 Glassed the wheel cover mold. Added bid reinforcements to rudder pedal attachments. 2
Wed 12/18/02 13 Removed foam from wheel cover, cleaned up glass and edges. Filled struct cover mold with plaster to make male mold. Cleaned up rudder pedal reinforcement layup. 2
Thu 12/19/02 13 Added plexiglass windows to nose wheel cover. Began mouting pedals. 2
Sat 12/21/02 13 Taped plexiglass on wheel cover. Made strut cover using new mold. Floxed washers in place for nose wheel bearing (NG-6A). Drilled rudder pedals for bolts. 5
Sun 12/22/02 13 Removed strut cover from mold. Cleaned up, trimmed, and fit in fuselage. Cleaned up nose wheel cover. Finished rudder pedals. 3
Fri 1/10/03 13 Began building nose gear doors. 3
Sun 1/12/03 13 Glassed nose gear doors and hinges. Cut hole in nose strut cover to fix motor arm. 4
Mon 1/13/03 13 Cut nose gear doors to size. Removed foam for plywood mounts. Drilled and tapped mounts and doors. 4
Thu 1/23/03 13 Floxed nose gear door mounts into place 1
Fri 1/24/03 13 Cleaned up door mounts. Glassed inside edges of gear hole in fuselage bottom. 1
Sat 1/25/03 13 Floxed strut cover into place using jigs to keep shape correct. 2
Thu 1/30/03 13 Installed rudder pedals. Measured for brake cylinders. Made mouting brackets for cylinders. 2
Fri 1/31/03 13 Installed brake cylinder mounts in nose floor. Floxed nose gear cover into place. 2
Sat 2/1/03 13 Worked on pitot tube and static tubes. Made wedge for heat duct. 3
Sun 2/2/03 13 Cut foam for nose forward of F-0. Dished out ballast compartment. Taped nose wheel cover. Glassed heat duct wedge. Microed static tube into fuselage side. 4
Mon 2/3/03 13 Cut block for nose top. Began making foam parts to level tops of sides. 2
Tue 2/4/03 13 Added foam to top of nose sides to level it off for the top piece. 1
Mon 2/17/03 13 Made plywood mount for puck. Microed the lower foam forward of F-0. 1
Sun 7/27/03 13 Shaped sides, bottom, and bottom corners of nose. 2
Mon 7/28/03 13 Finished shaping bottom of nose. Added plywood that goes under puck. Added foam to strut. 3
Thu 8/21/03 13 Finished preparing nose bottom for glassing. 1
Fri 8/22/03 13 Glassed and peel plied nose bottom. 3
Wed 8/27/03 13 Sanded edges of nose bottom layup. Sanded edges of cut in bottom along strut. Sanded clearance in plywood for strut when open. 1
Tue 9/16/03 13 BID taped strut cover to strut 1
Sat 9/20/03 13 Cut and attached nose bumper (hockey puck) 1
Fri 9/26/03 13 Looked over how to do pitot tube and brake fluid resevoirs. 1
Sun 9/28/03 13 Removed crooked brake cylinder mount with chisel and hair dryer heat. Make mounting brakets for brake resevoirs. 2
Wed 10/1/03 13 Fiddled with resevoir installtion - ready to be floxed into place. Cleaned up cylinder mount - ready to flox. Figured out pitot placement. 1
Tue 11/18/03 13 Remounted left brake cylinder mount. Glassed forward storage area. Mounted brake fluid resevoirs. Mounted heat duct wedge. 2
Sun 1/18/04 13 Attached tubing and fittings for pitot system. Cut rest of foam to fit into nose. Began shaping foam piece to seal airflow under F-5. 3
Tue 2/10/04 13 Added foam to top forward portion of nose. Glassed one side of plug going under F-5. 1
Wed 2/11/04 13 Removed nose strut and retract. Cleaned up and refitted with proper hardware. Tightened it all up. Tightened up rudder pedals. 4
Sat 2/21/04 13 Lots of loose ends on the nose. Mounting brake cylinders. Adjusting nose retract. 2
Mon 2/23/04 13 Hooked up nose retract switch and wires. Adjusted micro switch for proper shutoff when fully up. Cut rudder pedals to avoid fuselage sides. Mounted brake cylinders. 2
Tue 2/24/04 13 Finished figuring out nose retract wiring. Mounted rudder pedals again after trimming pilot's left pedal some more. 1
Thu 2/26/04 13 Taped pitot tube to fuselage side. Taped in piece below F-5. Taped heat duct deflector. 1
Mon 9/11/06 13 Sanded foam to shape inside ballast compartment. Sanded foam to shape forward of F-0 along the vertical axis. 1
Thu 9/14/06 13 Began shaping top of nose. 1
Fri 9/15/06 13 More sanding of nose top. 1
Sat 9/16/06 13 Finished shaping top of nose. 1
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