Log Entries - Chapter 14

Sun 11/25/01 14 Cut all the jigging materials to shape and size. 3
Sat 12/1/01 14 Continued working on jig 2
Mon 12/3/01 14 Finished building the spar jig. Discovered I got the wrong foam. Need to reorder the 1" foam. 2
Tue 12/11/01 14 Began cutting foam. 2
Tue 4/16/02 14 Began fixing the spar jig. I made a few minor mistakes in the ends. Being anal as usual but I'll feel better. 2
Thu 4/18/02 14 Finished fixing the spar jig and got it reassembled. Cut out the CS2 foam. 3
Sun 4/21/02 14 Finished cutting all the foam, CS1 - CS8. Hot glued all the supports to the front of the jig for CS3 foam. Sanded all foam to size - ready to be glued. 5
Thu 4/25/02 14 Glued the foam for three sides of the spar together in the jig. Cut all the aluminum hardpoints to length. Started rounding one end on each. 3
Mon 4/29/02 14 Finished making all the LWA pieces. Cut to size CS6 and CS7. 2
Tue 4/30/02 14 Finished cleaning all the aluminum hardpoints. Cleaned workbench and spar in preparation for glassing. 1
Wed 5/1/02 14 Cut all the glass for the inside layup. Marked the locations of all the LWA1s inside the spar. 2
Sat 5/4/02 14 Glassed 2/3rds of the inside of the spar. 5
Mon 5/6/02 14 Trimmed the previous layup and opened the holes in the CS6 and center bulkhead. 1
Tue 5/7/02 14 Finished the laying up the inside of the spar. 4
Thu 5/9/02 14 Trimmed the last of the spar inside layup. Microed and glassed the inside face of CS4. Rough cut all eight spar cap templates. 3
Mon 5/13/02 14 Trimmed the last layup and microed the front face of the spar to the rest of the spar. Final sanded half of the spar cap jigs. 2
Thu 5/16/02 14 Removed spar from jig. Measured and marked depth of spar cap troughs in top and bottom - measure three times, cut once. Sanded bottom spar cap trough to shape. 4
Fri 5/17/02 14 After some triple checking I made the top spar cap trough. Measured and marked the front face bevels. Marked the locations for LWA4 and LWA5. Began removing foam for hardpoints. 4
Sun 5/19/02 14 Finished cutouts for hardpoints. Floxed hardpoints into place. Rounded edges for shear web. Cleaned up foam. Masked spar with tape and newspaper. Added 4 layer shear web, peel plied. 10
Tue 5/21/02 14 Removed peel ply and positioned spar for top spar cap layup. Built dam on aft edge. 3
Sat 5/25/02 14 Added the top spar cap using the 3" UNI tape. 24 layers (one extra) 11
Mon 5/27/02 14 Removed the dam from the top spar and built up the dam for the bottom spar. Prepared everything and added the bottom spar - 17 layers plus peel ply. 9
Wed 5/29/02 14 Sanded top spar, rounded edge. Cut bevel along top, front corner. 3
Fri 5/31/02 14 Sanded bottom spar cap, rounded edge. Cut bevel along bottom, front corner. Added four wood shoulder support blocks. 4
Sat 6/1/02 14 Cut all the glass and peel ply for the next layup. Finished cleaning. 1
Sun 6/2/02 14 Applied the next four layers of UNI to the spar, peel plied. 8
Tue 6/4/02 14 Added the outside hardpoints and reinforcements 3
Mon 6/10/02 14 Trimmed and sanded the edges of the last layup. Cut out the two access holes in the forward face of the spar. 2
Tue 6/11/02 14 Tapered foam around access holes 1
Wed 6/12/02 14 Finished the access holes. Cleaned and prepared and cut glass for next layup. 1
Thu 6/13/02 14 Did layup on front face of spar, trimmed and peel plied edges. 2
Fri 6/14/02 14 Trimmed previous layup. Made flox corners for end layups. Drilled two 2 1/4" access holes. Added spar end layup. 2
Sat 6/15/02 14 Trimmed last layup, put spar away until wings are done. 0
Mon 8/7/06 14 Trimmed spar cutout in fuselage to get spar to sit properly. Mounted canard as reference. Lots of test fitting and measuring to get perfect. 3
Tue 8/8/06 14 Sanded all mating surfaces on spar and fuselage. Prepard area for EM-2. 2
Wed 8/9/06 14 Made both EM-2 hard points. 2
Sun 8/13/06 14 Floxed in the two EM-2 hard points and added one ply BID. Floxed the spar to the fuselage. 2
Tue 8/15/06 14 Cutting tapes for spar. 2
Thu 8/17/06 14 Finished cutting BID and peel ply for spar tapes. Sanded tape areas. 2
Fri 8/18/06 14 Added glass to fuselage sides around spar cutout. Added tapes to top of spar - inboard and outboard. Added tapes to front of spar - outboard. Added tapes to bottom of spar - outboard. 5
Sat 8/19/06 14 Added tapes along lower firewall and spar. Added tapes to front of spar along fuselage side and landing gear bulkhead. 3
Sun 8/20/06 14 Finished the main taping of the spar. 1
Chapter Total 132