Log Entries - Chapter 16

Sun 10/12/03 16 Began cutting parts for control system. 2
Wed 10/15/03 16 Cut all the non-Brock schedule B parts. 2
Sat 10/18/03 16 Layed out all the parts and hardware, figuring out where everything went and what was missing. 3
Sun 10/19/03 16 Began assembly of pushrod parts. 2
Mon 10/20/03 16 Drilled and assembled CS105, CS106, CS107, universal, CS115, CS116, and CS117 4
Thu 10/23/03 16 Press fit CS112 into CZSA. Attached to push rod. 1
Fri 10/24/03 16 Drilling more holes for rivets. 1
Mon 10/27/03 16 Finished drilling parts of control rods inside fuselage. Measured locations of CS108 and CS119 inside fuselage. Drilled hole in seatback. Test fit control in fuselage. 2
Fri 2/27/04 16 Floxed CS109 and CS118 onto right side of fuselage. 1
Sat 2/28/04 16 Mounted CS109 and CS118 onto left side of fuselage. 1
Sun 2/29/04 16 Met with Joe Keeley of 301 to get brass bushing bored out. Glassed CS109s and CS118s with 2 BID each, each side. 3
Mon 3/1/04 16 Trimmed glass in IP cutouts. Made holes in seatback for electrical. Trimmed electrical holes at front landing gear bulkhead. Cut foam for electrical conduit. 3
Tue 3/2/04 16 Trimmed glass on bearing blocks. Mounted controls on both sides of fuselage. Complete except for drilling CS122/CS121 and floxing CS123. 3
Tue 3/9/04 16 Twisted CS124. Drilled CS122 to CS121. Floxed CS123 into place. 2
Wed 3/10/04 16 Shaped foam for electrical conduits. Taped to table and added one ply BID to both. Cut Nylaflow tubing for rudder cables and layed out flat. 3
Thu 3/11/04 16 Cut and prepped electrical conduits. Ready to be glued into place. 2
Sun 3/14/04 16 Mounted canard and elevators. Measured, cut, drilled, and mounted CS102 and CS136 for elevator pushrods. I have working elevators! 2
Thu 3/18/04 16 Adjusted hole in IP for elevator pushrods. Cut, finished, and mounted CS-125L to the two CS124 brackets. Put canard back on the ceiling. 2
Sun 3/21/04 16 Floxed the electrical conduits onto the right side of the fuselage. 1
Sun 4/25/04 16 Attached right rudder conduit with 5-minute epoxy. 2
Mon 4/26/04 16 Added some flox and BID tape every 6" along the right rudder conduit. 1
Sun 6/6/04 16 Glued left side rudder conduit to fuselage side. 1
Wed 7/7/04 16 Taped rudder conduit on left side of fuselage. 1
Chapter Total 45