Log Entries - Chapter 18

Sat 2/28/04 18 Working out dimensions for turtleback with front raised about 1.25 inches. 2
Sun 2/29/04 18 Produced CAD file for raised turtleback. 2
Sun 3/14/04 18 Cut 5 boards from 3/8" particle board. Printed turtleback jigs and glued to boards. Rough cut five jigs. 3
Sun 4/4/04 18 Sanded turtleback jigs to shape. Cut notches for 2x4s 2
Thu 4/8/04 18 Began assembling the turtleback jig. 3
Sat 4/10/04 18 Finished building turtleback jig. Added first two 6" strips of foam. 5
Sun 4/11/04 18 Added most of foam to turtleback jig. One piece to go. 4
Tue 4/13/04 18 Finished adding curved foam. Added some metal strips to cleanup a few seams. 2
Thu 4/15/04 18 Finished adding metal strips. Added 3" foam on top. Sanded all to shape and rounded corners. 2
Sat 4/17/04 18 Finished sanding foam. Added tape to foam seams (doesn't stick well). Ready for layup. George Barta came over and helped glass. Completed micro, glass, and peel ply. 6
Tue 4/20/04 18 Trimmed last layup. Sanded edge along jig 1 smooth. Created CAD file for bulkhead to match proper height and headrests. 3
Wed 4/21/04 18 Cut bulkhead and fit into turtleback. Cut all glass and peel ply for both sides and tapes. 2
Thu 4/22/04 18 Glassed and peel plied front of TB-1. 1
Sat 4/24/04 18 Glassed other side of TB-1. Marked cutline on turtleback. Drilled lots of little holes to mark line. Added drip rail foam and glassed. 6
Sun 4/25/04 18 Trimmed and cut openings in TB-1. 2
Mon 4/26/04 18 Floxed and taped the TB-1 into place on the turtleback. 2
Tue 4/27/04 18 Removed turtleback from jig. Sanded foam smooth. Sanded leading edge straight. Removed 1" foam from leading edge. Sanded leading edge depression. 4
Wed 4/28/04 18 Finished sanded recesses on turtleback. Made and installed aluminum hardpoint. 2
Sat 5/1/04 18 Finished prep work to glass outsite of turtleback. Added some boards to hold shape. Cut lots of peel ply. 1
Sun 5/2/04 18 Glassed the outside of the turtleback with the help of George. Peel plied the whole thing. 5
Thu 5/6/04 18 Trimmed turtleback. 1
Sat 5/8/04 18 Layed out location of left side windows. Measured and cut front left window. Masked with tape and plastic. Cut hole for front left window and test file window. 5
Sun 5/9/04 18 Cut other three windows to size. Cut other three window openings in turtleback. All windows now ready to be floxed into place. 6
Thu 5/13/04 18 Floxed windows into turtleback. 4
Sun 5/15/05 18 Floxed canopy hinges to fuselage. Drilled and countersunk all the screw holes. Made and mounted nut plate under center hole of aft hinge. 3
Fri 6/3/05 18 Masked the outside of the four windows in the turtleback. First used a layer of 3M high quality electrical tape. Then added a layer of painters masking tape. 2
Sat 6/4/05 18 Cut and sanded some foam to fill the void around the window cutouts on the inside of the turtleback. Masked the perimeter of two windows. All this was done on the right side. 4
Fri 8/11/06 18 Working on filler around windows on inside of turtleback. 2
Sat 8/12/06 18 Finished prep work to reinstall window cut out skins inside turtleback. 3
Sun 8/13/06 18 Installed foam filler and glassed and taped the removed glass on the two pilot side windows. 2
Mon 8/14/06 18 Finished prep and installed removed glass around passenger side windows. 2
Sun 8/20/06 18 Trimmed upper firewall. Fit it to fuselage and spar. Floxed it into place on the upper longerons. 3
Mon 8/21/06 18 Fitting turtleback to fuselage and firewall. Had some interference at the shoulder support with TB-1 and with aft hinge on the flange. Taped inside of all the windows. 3
Tue 8/22/06 18 Finished test fitting turtleback. Sanded aft end straight to fit firewall. Floxed turtleback into place on fuselage. Triple checked the position. Made BL-0 template. Traced other four canopy templates. Cut tapes for turtleback and firewall. 4
Thu 8/24/06 18 Trimmed turtleback flange. Taped outside of turtleback along firewall and longerons. 3
Fri 8/25/06 18 Began trimming canopy to fit. Cut corners to fix turtleback. Cut notches for IP. Trying to figure out correct height in front. 3
Sat 8/26/06 18 After a lot of mental gymnastics I trimmed the canopy such that it appears correct. It has been rough cut to leave 1/4" above the turtleback. The outside has been masked with electrical tape, plastic, bubble wrap, and two layers of duct tape. 9
Sun 8/27/06 18 Building canopy deck platform. More migranes trying to figure out how to cut canopy. 4
Tue 8/29/06 18 Finshed canopy deck platform. Rough cut canopy to be 3/4" from tape line forward of IP. 2
Wed 8/30/06 18 Finished trimming and sanding canopy edges. Masking canopy interior. 2
Fri 9/1/06 18 Finished masking inside of canopy. Floxed canopy to turtleback. 4
Sat 9/2/06 18 Added 1 ply UNI to bottom of canopy. Cut BID for canopy/turtleback tape. Collected 2" urethane foam. 3
Sun 9/3/06 18 Added BID tape along canopy-turtleback joint. 2
Mon 9/4/06 18 Trimmed UNI around base of canopy. Starting cutting 2" foam for canopy deck. 5
Tue 9/5/06 18 Fit more foam along right side of canopy deck. Starting left side. 2
Wed 9/6/06 18 Fit more foam for canopy deck along left side. 3
Thu 9/7/06 18 Finished cutting and fitting all 2" foam around canopy. 3
Sat 9/9/06 18 Removed all of the canopy deck foam. Taped the platform and hinges. Made canopy deck templates for right side. 3
Sun 9/10/06 18 Worked on templates. Discovered the curve is wrong. Doesn't match curve of fuselage side below W.L. 23. 1
Mon 9/11/06 18 Microed all the foam blocks to the canopy for the canopy deck. 1
Tue 9/12/06 18 Started shaping canopy deck. Right side mostly finished. 3
Thu 9/14/06 18 Nearly completed shaping of canopy deck. Just have to make it perfect. 1
Sat 9/16/06 18 Finshed shaping canopy deck. Sanded 1/16" depressions on canopy deck. Cut foam out along canopy. Began cutting glass for canopy deck layup. 3
Sun 9/17/06 18 Finished prep work for layup. Added 2 BID and 2 UNI to right half of canopy deck. Covered in peel ply. 5
Wed 9/20/06 18 Glassed the left half of the canopy deck. Fully peel plied. 3
Fri 9/22/06 18 Trimmed canopy deck layup. Cut through turtleback. Released canopy from fuselage. 2
Sun 9/24/06 18 Built jig to support canopy and frame on the workbench. Placed structure on bench. Removed all tape and jigs from fuselage. Removed foam and tape from drip rail. 4
Wed 10/4/06 18 Cleaned up and sanded drip rail. Began sanding canopy deck foam. 2
Thu 10/5/06 18 Completed bulk of inside canopy frame sanding. 3
Fri 10/6/06 18 Finished shaping canopy deck foam. Cut out foam for hinge pads. 2
Wed 10/11/06 18 Made 1/8" depression for hinge mouting area. Cut 1/8" boards for hinge pads. Cut 0.016"x2"x18" aluminum. 2
Sun 10/15/06 18 Glued 1/64" aluminum to canopy deck. Began cutting class for hard points. 2
Wed 10/18/06 18 Finished cutting all glass for canopy frame hard points. Added flox and glass to both sets of canopy hinge hard points. 4
Thu 10/19/06 18 Built flox/BID hardpoints for canopy latches. Added 2 BID tape to drip rail. Cut hinges for removable fuselage top. 4
Fri 10/20/06 18 Made doublers for removable top. Floxed doublers into place on longerons. 3
Sat 10/21/06 18 Sanding and prepared for BID tapes around upper firewall and turtleback and BID for removable top doublers. Cut all glass for prepared areas. 4
Sun 10/22/06 18 Taped upper firewall to spar and turtleback. Taped turtleback interior to longerons. Taped removable fuselage doublers. 4
Wed 10/25/06 18 Trimmed the two rectangular firewall pieces to fit in place. Cut and shaped 1/4" foam to fit against spar. 2
Chapter Total 206