Log Entries - Chapter 19

Thu 1/16/03 19 Began tracing wing templates 1
Wed 1/22/03 19 Finished tracing all the wing templates 2
Thu 1/23/03 19 Cut all 14" boards for wing jig. Cut airfoil shape in all jig boards. Cut all boards for jig base. 6
Fri 1/24/03 19 Built wing jig table. Rough cut all wing templates. 7
Sun 1/26/03 19 Sanded all wing jigs smooth 3
Tue 2/4/03 19 Final sanded wing jigs 2
Wed 2/5/03 19 Cleaned up workshop. Finished all wing/winglet templates by copying numbers and waterlines to reverse sides. 2
Fri 2/7/03 19 Began laying out wing foam and cutting planforms. 3
Sat 2/8/03 19 All six wing sections have been cut to planform. Ready to cut airfoils. 4
Sun 2/9/03 19 Made more jigs so spar troughs can be cut in two steps. Prepped and cut right wing, center section. Prepped other two right wing sections for cutting. 4
Tue 2/11/03 19 Cut the right inboard core. Had the help of a possible future Cozy builder by the name of Doug Eglseder. The big surprise was to find out that he works at the same company I started as last week - Jeppesen. 1
Sat 2/15/03 19 Cut airfoil shape for right outboard and left inboard cores. 1
Sun 2/16/03 19 Cut left outboard airfoil. Prepped left center cores. 1
Mon 2/17/03 19 Cut last airfoil - left center section. Prepped a couple of cores to wire cut leading edges. 1
Wed 2/19/03 19 Cut all airfoils at the front of the spar cap trough. 3
Thu 2/20/03 19 Arranged all the wing cores. Some have warped - letting sit a few days. Made some straight templates to hold core parts together so can make FC1 - FC5. 2
Sun 2/23/03 19 Began microing the cores together. 2
Tue 2/25/03 19 Finished gluing the cores together to make FC1-5. Cut the electrical channel and aileron cutouts in the left wing cores. 3
Tue 2/25/03 19 Finished cutting all the holes and aileron cutouts in all the wing cores. 2
Wed 2/26/03 19 Cut inboard ribs on FC1 cores 1
Mon 6/30/03 19 Glued two halves of FC1 together. Glued back 3x8 cutouts 1
Tue 7/1/03 19 Glued some of the small foam pieces onto the cores 1
Wed 7/2/03 19 Glued pieces from wing root back into place on FC1 1
Sat 7/5/03 19 Cleanup a bit to make room for wing jig. Leveled jig. 2
Sat 7/5/03 19 Positioned right wing cores into jig - wow, is that wing big! 1
Mon 7/7/03 19 Glued the three right wing trailing edge cores together in the wing jig. 2
Tue 7/8/03 19 Made LWA6 and two LWA4. Sanded spar cap trough smooth. Started fixing spar cap trough on bottom of FC1. 3
Wed 7/9/03 19 Cut out both bolt access slots. Made W-18 covers. Finished cleaning up shear web face. 2
Thu 7/10/03 19 Glassed 2 BID inside bolt access areas. 1
Sat 7/12/03 19 Microed LWA4 and LWA6 into place. Added aluminum tape cover. Made LWA2 and LWA3. 2
Sat 7/12/03 19 Final sanding of shear web faces. 1
Fri 7/25/03 19 More prep work for shear web layup. Check fit of leading edge cores. 1
Thu 8/7/03 19 Cut all glass and peel ply for shear web layup. 1
Sat 8/9/03 19 Added shear web to right wing. Added leading edge cores to wing. 7
Fri 8/15/03 19 Moved wing to bench in preparation for bottom spar cap layup. 2
Sun 8/17/03 19 Setup wing on workbench for bottom sparcap layup. Fully prepped and ready for layup. 3
Sun 8/17/03 19 Added spar cap to right wing bottom. 6
Wed 8/20/03 19 Sanded spar cap, sanded foam, filling gaps. 2
Thu 8/21/03 19 Finished prepping wing bottom for glassing - sanded foam, marked locations for peel ply and glass, cut glass and peel ply. 2
Sat 8/23/03 19 Glassed the right wing bottom. Had help from George Barta, d'Armond Speers, and Jim Howerzyl. Trimmed layed and added micro to trailing edge. Forget peel ply under first layup for aileron and trailing edge - oops. 6
Mon 8/25/03 19 Sanded edges of layup and trailing edge. Removed wing from jigs. Mounted other half of jigs to table and set wing in place, top up, for fit test. 2
Wed 8/27/03 19 Sanded wing jigs enough to get wing setting correctly in them. 1
Thu 8/28/03 19 Finished prep work for top spar cap layup. 2
Sat 8/30/03 19 Added top spar cap to right wing. 6
Wed 9/17/03 19 Prepping right wing top - sanding smooth. Marking locations for rudder conduit and NAV2 antenna. 3
Thu 9/18/03 19 Finished sanding foam and spar cap. Filled core gaps with foam slivers and micro. Began laying out coax for NAV antenna. 3
Sat 9/20/03 19 Added NAV2 antenna. Added rudder conduit. Marked boundaries for all layups. 3
Thu 9/25/03 19 Finished prep work (cleaning, cutting glass and peel ply) for glassing wing top. 2
Sat 9/27/03 19 Glassed top of right wing with the help of George Barta, Jim Howerzyl, and Evan Genaud. 9
Wed 10/1/03 19 Cleaned up edges of top layup. 1
Thu 10/2/03 19 Sanding foam in wing ribs. 3
Tue 10/7/03 19 Finished shaping inboard wing root. Bonded level board to wing top. Sanded trailing edge straight. Removed wing from jigs. Removed jigs from table. 3
Thu 10/9/03 19 Fitting left wing cores into jigs. 3
Sun 10/12/03 19 Glued traling edge cores of left wing. 2
Tue 10/21/03 19 Cut attach depressions. Made both LWA4s and the LWA6. Cut rescesses for these. 2
Thu 10/23/03 19 Sanded shear web foam. Made LWA2 and LWA3 and W18s. 2
Fri 10/24/03 19 Cleaned up floor and foam for layup. 1
Sat 10/25/03 19 Glassed 2 BID in bolt access area 1
Sun 10/26/03 19 Cut all glass for shear web. Mounted LWA4s and LWA6. Did shear web layup. Added LWA2 and LWA3. Peel plied. Added leading edge cores. 11
Wed 10/29/03 19 Test fit parts in wing root. Drilled more holes in push rods for wing root. 2
Fri 10/31/03 19 Squeezed all the rivets for the push rods. Opened all the 3/16" holes to 1/4" where needed. Drilled 1/4" holes in AN970-3 washers where needed. Cut A10s and A13s. 4
Sat 11/1/03 19 Cut out right aileron. Shaped foam inside wing. Cut out all aileron hinges. 6
Sun 11/2/03 19 Prepared for and performed right wing trailing edge spar layup. 5
Mon 11/3/03 19 Fit A3 and A4s onto aileron. Fit A10 into aileron. Cut leading edge foam for A13s. 2
Tue 11/4/03 19 Trimmed and sanded wing trailing edge spar. Trimmed aileron to length for 1/8" gap at each end. Cut A13 to length. Microed into place the A2 and A5s and A13s to aileron. 4
Wed 11/5/03 19 Prepared for and added 1 BID to leading edge of aileron. Cut hinge recesses in wing trailing edge. 3
Thu 11/6/03 19 Mounted hinges onto wing and aileron. 4
Fri 11/7/03 19 Adjusted hinges to get aileron perfectly positioned. Made mount for wing root bearing. Test fit universal and torque tube. Trimmed left wing foam - leading edge, center core. 4
Sat 11/8/03 19 Rearranged by putting left wing on table for bottom spar cap layup. Fully prepared wing for layup. 3
Sun 11/9/03 19 Added bottom spar cap to left wing. 6
Mon 11/10/03 19 Cut glass for inboard rib layup. Removed spar cap dam. 1
Tue 11/11/03 19 Glassed inboard rib of right wing. 3
Wed 11/12/03 19 Cut glass for outboard right wing rib. Removed foam at ends of right aileron. 1
Thu 11/13/03 19 Glassed outboard rib of right wing. Added 2 UND strips over wing attach. Added 1 BID over LWA7. Glassed aileron ribs. 3
Fri 11/14/03 19 Trimmed rib layups. Drilled CS127s for stop bolt. Test fit belcrank parts. Sanded left wing bottom and spar cap. 4
Sat 11/15/03 19 Finished all prep work for left wing bottom layup. Finished mounting aileron and all controls in wing root. 6
Sun 11/16/03 19 Completed glassing of left wing bottom with the help of George Barta. 7
Mon 11/17/03 19 Knife trimmed wing bottom layup. Finished sanding right wing rib. Hung right wing up from ceiling. 2
Sat 11/29/03 19 Prepared left wing for top spar cap. 2
Sun 11/30/03 19 Added top spar cap to left wing. 7
Tue 12/2/03 19 Sanded fish tail. Sanded bulk of foam surfaces smooth. Began laying out rudder conduit. 2
Thu 12/4/03 19 Added rudder conduit. Filled some foam gaps with micro. Cut all glass and peel ply for top layup. 3
Sat 12/6/03 19 Finished prepping wing for top layup. Performed top layup of left wing with the help of George Barta. 10
Sat 12/27/03 19 Trimmed edges from top layup. Sanded trailing edge straight. Attached level board to top of left wing. Removed wing jigs from table and cleaned up a bit. Began shaping foam for left wing root rib. 3
Thu 1/1/04 19 Continued carving foam in wing ribs. 1
Fri 1/2/04 19 Finished shaping wing root foam. Cut out left aileron. 3
Sat 1/3/04 19 Removed, sanded, and shaped all the foam in the left wing trailing edge aileron cutout. 1
Thu 1/8/04 19 Prepared for wing trailing edge spar layup. 1
Mon 1/12/04 19 Glassed trailing edge spar for left aileron. 3
Thu 1/15/04 19 Trimmed last layup. Made mount for wing root bearing. Cut glass and prepared foam for inboard wing rib layup. 3
Fri 1/16/04 19 Added inboard rib layup and LWA7. 3
Sun 1/18/04 19 Sanded inboard rib layup. Prepared for outboard rib layup. 2
Tue 1/20/04 19 Glassed outboard rib and attach point reinforcements. Microed steel rod to left aileron. 2
Sun 2/1/04 19 Trimmed last layup. Cut holes in wing ribs and wing attach points. 1
Mon 2/2/04 19 Notched wing trailing edge for hinges. Fit A2, A10, and A5s in aileron. 3
Tue 2/3/04 19 Prepared for and glassed one BID on leading edge of left aileron. 3
Wed 2/4/04 19 Drilled and mounted hinges to left wing trailing edge. 2
Sat 2/7/04 19 Mounted hinges to aileron. Sanded gaps to size. Removed foam on end of aileron. 4
Sun 2/8/04 19 Made CS151 and riveted CS129. Mounted all control hardware for left aileron. Just need to tweak length of CS129 via rodends. 3
Mon 2/9/04 19 Finished controls in wing root. Cleaned up. Just need to glass aileron ends. 1
Tue 2/10/04 19 Glassed ends of left aileron. Added last ply over LWA7 in wing root. 1
Thu 2/12/04 19 Cleaned out garage. Set wings and spar on floor. Test fit right wing to spar. Drilled six 1/4" holes through spar harpoints. 3
Fri 2/13/04 19 Positioned both wings and the spar. Added 9/16" dihedral to both wing tips to get top of wing and spar to line up better. Final positioned right wing and spar. Clamped in place. Drilled 1/4" hole through inboard attach point in wing. 3
Sat 2/14/04 19 Finished drilling all 1/4" holes through spar and wings. Began drilling 5/8" holes. 3
Sun 2/15/04 19 Finished drilling all the holes in the wings and spar. Attached level boards on the spar. 4
Tue 2/17/04 19 Added missing reinforcement layer on outboard wing attach points of right wing. Filled and glassed inboard holes on forward face of spar. 2
Wed 2/18/04 19 Measured and cut all 12 LWA9 inserts. 3
Thu 2/19/04 19 Floxed all the inserts into the wings and spar. Aligned wings and spar, placed bolts in place to keep inserts inline. 3
Chapter Total 313