Log Entries - Chapter 3

Fri 10/1/99 3 Finished reading through chapter 3. 1
Mon 11/29/99 3 I built a really lame epoxy balance. It seems to work but there is no way I am going to use it for more than the practice layups. I should receive the epoxy pump soon. 2
Tue 11/30/99 3 Did the first practice layup. I cut the six squares of BID, made up some epoxy using the balance (what a pain that is), and wet out the six layers. I got my garage to about 75 degrees. The epoxy seemed OK (using MGS). I had strands of glass sticking all over the place. I was wearing butyl gloves, goggles, and respirator. It's going to take some time to get used to all that. 2
Wed 12/1/99 3 I cut the first practice layup to size. I will weigh it at work tomorrow. Next I made the confidence layup. I experienced an exotherm with the first batch of epoxy. I bought some acetone and a rubbermaid container for it. Cleanup was a snap. I poured the whole gallon of acetone in the container. I simply placed the brush and squeegee in the acetone. I cleaned them and then the gloves while still wearing them. Worked great. 3
Thu 12/2/99 3 Bad news. The first layup weighed 12.5 ounces. I need to work on that. I cut the confidence layup to size. Now I will wait a few days before testing it out. I started the bookend. Cut the foam, nailed them together, slurried the foam, and layed up the three layers of BID. I had a problem with the inside corner. I think my dry micro wasn't dry enough and the fillet was inadequate. 2
Sat 12/4/99 3 Trimmed the previous layup on the bookend and did the second layup of 3 plies BID plus a picture. I don't feel I have this down too well yet. It's time to contact a technical advisor and get some help. 2
Sun 12/5/99 3 Knife trimmed the previous layup. Cut off the bottom piece of foam, sanded, and cut groove for flox corner. Applied flox and four layers of UNI - boy is that over kill. Knife trimmed four layers of UNI. 2
Chapter Total 14