Log Entries - Chapter 6

Sat 3/11/00 6 Sized and cut the longeron and doubler holes in the temporary firewall. Test fit F-22 against the front of the fuselage sides. Cut the corners of the front seatback to fit into the fuselage. Cut the corners of the IP to fit into the fuselage. Built the 2x10 and 2x4 fuselage jig. Mounted the temporary firewall in place on the jig. Put the fuselage sides into place in the temp firewall. Blocked so the upper longerons were level. Clamped F-22 into place on the jig and ajusted the fuselage sides to fit. Placed the seatback and IP into position in the fuselage and used nails to hold them into place. Cleaned off the worktable by removing the fuselage jigs and all the bondo. 11
Sun 3/12/00 6 Removed fuselage sides and bulkheads. Added more supports to firewall to keep it straighter. Put sides and bulkheads back into place. Fit was better and all was level, plumb, and straight. Made cutouts in center of front seatback. Took the plunge and floxed the front seatback, IP, and F-22 to the fuselage sides. Lots of tweaking, floxing, and checking. Locked the room for the night. 4
Wed 3/15/00 6 Sanded all the bulkhead corners in preparation for taping. Cut all the BID for the tapes. Wet it out and cut into 2" strips of proper length. Taped seatback, IP, and F-22. Added 4 layer BID reinforcement at canard cutout on F-22 and fuselage side. Peel plied all tapes. Releveled everthing for cure. 6
Thu 3/16/00 6 Trimmed F-28 to fit into fuselage. Sanded fuselage sides where F-28 and tape would go. Made up some 2" tape. Floxed F-28 into place at the 6.25" position (per FAQ). Clamped into position. Added tapes and peel ply. 2
Sun 3/19/00 6 Spent some double checking measurements of firewall and landing gear bulkheads. In end decided best thing was to trim bulkhead a bit. Trimmed outside edges of aft landing gear bulkhead. Attached 5" spacers to firewall to keep bulkhead in proper place. Floxed aft bulkhead into place and added 2" BID tape on front face. Peel plied tape. Layed out parts for front seatback support and heat duct on 0.25" foam. Cut some of parts out in preparation for glassing. 4
Mon 3/20/00 6 Trimmed front lower landing gear bulkhead to fit into place. Made 8" spacers to properly locate bulkhead. Floxed bulkhead into place. Will do BID tape when doing UNI layups. Applied 2 layers of BID to seatback brace triangles. Applied two layers UNI to heat duct parts. Made 1/4" plywood cutouts for fuel valve mount. 6
Tue 3/21/00 6 Trimmed the layups on the heat duct and seatback brace parts. Cut out eat piece and sanded even. Cut the 1/16" aluminum for the fuel valve bracket. Carefully bent the ends around a radiused piece of wood. Discovered I had the wrong nut plates. Ordered new ones from Wicks. 3
Wed 3/22/00 6 Drilled the 1/4" holes in the aft hardpoints using the 8" jigs as guides. Floxed the upper, forward landing gear bulkhead into place. Had to trim sides a bit to get it to fit. Built a pair of saw horses. Finished cutting all the holes in the fuel valve bracket. Sanded the round on the plywood brace to accept the bracket. Chiseled the foam from the seatback brace to replace it with the plywood brace. 4
Fri 3/24/00 6 Prepared the front landing gear bulkhead for the 3 layer UNI layup. Cut all the glass and peel ply. Added tape along the joint between the two halves and then added the UNI on the ears and down the front. Peel plied. Attached the nut plates to the fuel valve bracket. Floxed the plywood braces into place on the seatback braces. 4
Sat 3/25/00 6 Removed the fuselage from the original jig and with the help of Shelly we got it turned over onto the saw horses. I jigged until the fuselage was level and straight in all directions. Cut all the glass for the 6 ply UNI layup on the aft face of the forward landing gear bulkhead. Also cut the BID for the needed taping. Spent some time adjusting my pump to the proper ratio. Did a test layup to see how it is in the morning. 3
Sun 3/26/00 6 Added the 6 layer UNI layup on the landing gear bulkhead. Added BID tape at the seam and fuselage sides. Prepared all the spacers and seatback brace to joining. 3
Mon 3/27/00 6 Taped the aft side of the aft landing gear bulkhead. Cut the holes in the lower permanent firewall. Floxed the firewall in place and taped the joint. 4
Tue 3/28/00 6 Floxed the seatback brace spacers into place and joined the two triangle pieces of the seatback brace. 1
Wed 3/29/00 6 Floxed the three pieces of the heat duct together. Floxed the landing brake support (aluminum tube) into place. Floxed the fuel valve bracket into place. Prepared the fuselage bottom by sanding the lower longerons and bulkhead bottoms smooth. 3
Wed 4/12/00 6 Prepared seatback brace and heat duct for glassing by sanding smooth and rounding edges. Test fit in fuselage. Fixed sag in seatback botton due to slight warp in seatback. 2
Fri 4/14/00 6 Finished the heat duct and seatback brace. Cut all the glass. Added the 7 layer UNI reinforcement. Added 2 plies BID on heat duct and seatback brace. Floxed brace to duct. Taped and peel plied. 6
Sat 4/15/00 6 Trimmed the seatback brace and heat duct. Tweaked fit in fuselage. Finished cutouts in seatback for map pocket, fuel valve, and heat duct. Cut 3/8" foam for fuselage bottom. 5-min epoxied the pieces together. 5
Sun 4/16/00 6 Built 1x2 frame for fuselage bottom. Placed frame and foam on workbench. Cut out landing brake. Rough cut all 3/4" foam spacers. Began shaping spacers. 6
Tue 4/18/00 6 Finished shaping all the spacers. Vacuumed all the foam in preparation for gluing. 2
Thu 4/20/00 6 Shelly and I microed all the spacers to the fuselage bottom. 2
Sun 4/23/00 6 Floxed the seatback brace and heat duct into place in the fuselage. Tapes and peel plied all joints. 3
Mon 4/24/00 6 Removed all the nails from the spacers. Test fit fuselage bottom in place on fuselage. Sanded all corners in preparation for glassing. 1
Sat 4/29/00 6 Microed the fuselage bottom, added 2 plies BID over whole surface and 1 ply in rear seat area. Peel plied all mating and taping surfaces and ply seams. 8
Sun 4/30/00 6 Removed all the peel ply, tested and adjusted the fit of the bottom, and floxed the bottom into place on the fuselage. Weighted it all down and cleaned up the flox. 3
Mon 5/1/00 6 Began cutting tapes for fuselage bottom. 1
Wed 5/3/00 6 Began taping the fuselage bottom to the sides and bulkheads. Floxed the joint, taped it, and peel plied. About one third complete. 3
Sat 5/6/00 6 Finished taping all the fuselage bottom joints. Made some flox fillets, taped, and peel plied. 8
Chapter Total 108