Log Entries - Chapter 8

Mon 6/19/00 8 Pieced together a bunch of scrap PVC foam. Traced all the shoudler support and headrest pieces. Cut out the shoulder support pieces and began cutting to shape. 2
Wed 6/21/00 8 Applied one layer of BID on all the headrest foam. Finished cutting shoulder support to shape. Made four 1 1/4" square plywood mounts. Began making aluminum nutplates for shoulder support. 3
Sat 6/24/00 8 Cut out all the head rest parts and 5 minuted them together. Sanded all the edges round. Made cutouts for all the plywood inserts and 5 minuted them into place on the shoulder support. Finished all the nutplates. 3
Tue 6/27/00 8 Made the four plywood reinforcements and the four aluminum angle attachments for the seatbelts. 4
Wed 6/28/00 8 Drilled three holes in each of the aluminum brackets and drilled the four holes in the step. 1
Fri 6/30/00 8 Sanded where the seatbelt attach points will go. Cut all the BID for seven layers each. 1
Sat 7/1/00 8 Floxed in each plywood seatbelt reinforcement. Applied seven layers of BID over each and peel plied. Cut all the foam for the rear heat duct. Applied two layers of UNI over all the pieces. Made the 1.5" x 1.5" x 6" transition piece. Carved the round end and applied two layers of BID. 6
Tue 7/4/00 8 Drilled and countersunk all the holes for the seatbelt attachments in the fuselage corners. Removed the foam and tape from the transition piece. Cut the 45 angle. Trimmed the heat duct pieces. 2
Mon 7/10/00 8 Sanded the heat duct pieces and glued them together with 5-min epoxy. Glued the 2" aluminum tube in place on the duct. 1
Thu 7/13/00 8 Prepared the rear heat duct for glassing. Added the 7 layer UNI layup over the seatbelt attachment. Added 2 plies BID over heat duct. Added BID tape to fuselage bottom/forward landing gear joint that hadn't been done before. 3
Sun 7/16/00 8 Trimmed and sanded the previous layup. Sanded all areas where heat duct and seat belt reinforcement layups will go. 1
Tue 7/18/00 8 Floxed the rear heat duct into place. Floxed the transition piece to the heat duct. Taped everything as needed. Added the 4 BID/3 UNI reinforcement over the belt attach point. Peel plied. 3
Wed 7/19/00 8 Added the 4 BID/3 UNI reinforcement to the front seatbelt attachment. 1
Sun 5/15/05 8 Glued two halves of shoulder support together. Fixed four nut plates for seat belt attachments. 2
Fri 5/20/05 8 Glassed the inside of the shoulder support. 2
Sat 5/21/05 8 Trimmed shoulder support inside layup. Floxed nut plates onto shoulder support. Drilled 1" hole in seatback under upper longeron for canopy latch. 2
Sun 5/22/05 8 Added overhang pieces of BID to shoulder support. After waiting a few hours, floxed shoulder support to seatback and wet out tapes. 2
Wed 5/25/05 8 Prepared shoulder support for glassing. Cut all glass and peel ply. 1
Thu 5/26/05 8 Glassed shoulder support. Added UNI reinforcements of seat belt shoulder attach points. Peel plied where needed. 3
Fri 5/27/05 8 Trimmed shoulder support layup. 1
Sat 5/28/05 8 Cut all glass for head rests. Prepped head rests for glassing. Glassed and peel plied head rests. 4
Thu 8/17/06 8 Opened seatbelt mounting holes in shoulder support 1
Chapter Total 49