Log Entries - Chapter 9

Fri 7/21/00 9 Began preparing for reinforcement layups by trimming older, rough layups and tapes. 1
Sat 7/22/00 9 Cleaned up, trimmed, and sanded all areas that will be covered by the three main reinforcement layups. Cut the 7/8" torque tube holes in both landing gear bulkheads. Planned out and did the first reinforcement layup on the forward landing gear bulkhead - 5 layers BID on each side. Peel plied. 6
Sun 7/23/00 9 Cut all the glass for the second reinforcement and applied the five plies to one side of the fuselage between the two landing gear bulkheads. Peel plied. 3
Wed 7/26/00 9 Did the 5 ply reinforcement on the other side. 1
Fri 7/28/00 9 Cut all the glass for the remaining reinforcements. Began cutting the UNI strips for the landing gear strut. 2
Sat 7/29/00 9 Added all the reinforcements between the firewall and the aft landing gear bulkhead. Peel plied. Sanded the main strut. Cut the ends to length at the 8 angle. 5
Sun 7/30/00 9 Finished cutting all the glass for the strut layup. Applied the four layers of UNI to the strut and peel plied the whole thing. 5
Mon 7/31/00 9 Removed the strut from the supports. Removed all the peel ply and sanded everything smooth. Taped some straws together and glued them to the trailing edge. 3
Wed 8/2/00 9 Build a jig for the strut trailing edge and added the 2 BID strip. 3
Sat 8/5/00 9 Cleaned up after the previous layup. Sanded everything and glued the strut back on the supports. Cut all the UNI for the next layup and added the last four layers of UNI to the strut. Peel plied most of the strut. 6
Sun 8/6/00 9 Removed the strut from the supports, removed the peel ply, and sanded everything smooth. Began measuring the strut and laying out the location of the tabs. 4
Mon 8/7/00 9 Double checked all the measurements and began building the box on top of the strut. Strut it 1/8" too wide. 3
Tue 8/8/00 9 Redid all the measurements of the strut. Started dealing with the extra 1/8" width on the strut. 2
Wed 8/9/00 9 Sanded a flat on the leading and trailing edges to remove the excess 1/8" width. Glued box parts D and E in place. 1
Fri 8/11/00 9 Finally finished the strut box. Marked the tab layouts. Set the strut on the workbench upside down on the box. Covered everything with tape and plastic. 4
Sat 8/12/00 9 Cut all the BID and UNI for the first set of tab layups. Did the first set, added peel ply, and clamped the tabs. 5
Sat 8/19/00 9 Drilled the tabs, removed the jigs, and cut the tabs to shape. Sanded the tabs for the next layup. Cut all the UNI and BID for the next layup. Made the four MG-1's and four MG-2's. 6
Sat 9/2/00 9 Completed the second tab layup and prepared lip around landing gear bulkheads for landing gear cover. 4
Sun 9/3/00 9 Began trimming the tabs. 1
Thu 9/7/00 9 Finished trimming the tabs on the strut. Put the strut in place using two 1/4" rods. Leveled and measured the strut placement. Off a bit. 3
Mon 5/21/01 9 Caught up to where I was so long ago. Remeasured the strut position and found it off. The leading edge was about 5/8" too far forward. I emailed Nat to get an opinion on how to best handle this issue. While waiting I decided to start on the landing brake. I pried off the brake from the bottom. Cutting around the edge when I glassed the bottom payed off. It was real easy to remove the brake. 2
Wed 5/23/01 9 Cut LB-23 and LB-19 from birch plywood. Made LB-19 1" wider for electric landing brake per FAQ. Routed out groove for LB-23 and its slugs. Attached LB-23 and LB-19 to hinge and test fit in place. Cut foam off of landing brake for LB-19 and hinge and test fit. 3
Thu 5/24/01 9 Reglued all the slugs on LB-23. Made the 1/8" depression in the fuselage bottom under the landing brake. Sanded smooth and rounded the glass edge. Made one LB-18. Ruined the other by over bending it. 4
Fri 5/25/01 9 Floxed LB-19 to the landing brake. 0
Sat 5/26/01 9 Glued LB-23 into the fuselage bottom. Went back to the landing gear strut. Elongated all 1/4" holes in the landing gear bulkheads so the leading edge of the strut was in better position. Bolted MG-1s and MG-2s into position and drilled all the #10 holes. Drilled out the center to 5/8" and test fit with the MG-4s. All looking good so far. 6
Sun 5/27/01 9 Drilled out the tabs on the strut to 3/4" and test fit the MKMGAs into place. Fit just right. Test fit into fuselage. Nearly perfect fit. Will flox everything in place when I get new screws. Removed landing brake from LB-23 after drilling #21 sized holes through hinge, LB-23, and slugs. Calculated slot for electric landing brake. Cut slot and cut away and shaped foam. Ready for glassing. 6
Mon 5/28/01 9 Prepared and glassed the landing brake well in the fuselage bottom. Started preparation for the landing gear cover. 5
Tue 5/29/01 9 Continued work on joggles using flox. 2
Wed 5/30/01 9 Finished adding flox to all the joggles. Fit the landing brake hinge in place, tapped the holes, and screwed it in. 2
Fri 6/1/01 9 Floxed MG-1s and MG-2s into position. Made second LB-18. 2
Sat 6/2/01 9 Glassed the other side of the landing brake. After some cure time I placed it in position in the fuselage to dry. Prepared and shaped all the foam for the landing gear cover. Glassed the scoop portion. 7
Sun 6/3/01 9 Had a visit from fellow builder Ryan Amendala of Monument, CO. He's near the end of Chapter 5 and wanted to see my project. We had a good chat and he is all pumped to make more progress. After he left I did more work on the landing brake. I mounted the brake and the actuator to determine the location of the mouting bracket. I drilled the hole and was ready to mount it when I realized I needed to beef up the seat back brace. Added 4 plied BID to each side. 1
Tue 6/5/01 9 Finished mounting the electric landing brake. Finished glassing the outside of the landing gear cover. 3
Thu 6/7/01 9 Removed the landing gear cover and sanded all the inside foam to shape. Marked all the glass edges. 1
Fri 6/8/01 9 Finished sanding and shaping the cover. Now ready to be glassed. Floxed the MKMGAs into the strut and positioned the strut in the fuselage for cure. 2
Sat 6/16/01 9 Glassed the underside of the landing gear cover, knife trimmed, and weighted down in place on the fuselage. Cleaned up the last layup on the strut. 3
Sun 6/17/01 9 Cleaned up the cover and drilled and tapped all the mounting holes. Cleaned up the workshop. 2
Sat 2/15/03 9 Leveled fuselage and measured location for axles on the strut. Figured out how the axle and wheel should be positioned. Made the aluminum backing plates. Made a template for the brake to trace on the strut. Shaped one side of the strut to accept the brake. 6
Sun 2/16/03 9 Carved other strut end. Measured everything to mark far wall for toe-in. Prepped everything for BID and flox layup. 3
Tue 7/1/03 9 Remeasured gear setup to mount axles 1
Wed 7/2/03 9 Added three bid to strut, floxed axle backing plate and made flox pad for axle - all clamped into place for proper toe-in. 2
Thu 7/3/03 9 Cleaned up BID and flox. Drilled holes for axles. Test mounted brakes and wheels. Began figuring out brake lines and fittings. 4
Sun 9/21/03 9 Flipped fuselage and cleaned up edges of landing gear bulkheads. Cut 3/8" foam to seal top between two bulkheads. Glassed outsides of foam. 4
Mon 9/22/03 9 Floxed cover into place. Glassed top of cover between landing gear bulkheads. 4
Tue 5/10/05 9 Planning routing and parts required for brake lines. 2
Fri 5/13/05 9 Cut all the 1/4" tubing to go from the reservoirs to the cylinders to the parking brake. Cut the 3/16" tubing to go from the parking brake to the landing gear bulkhead. Cut all the tubing that will be glued to the fuselage side. Mapped the path of the tubing. Cut holes in seatback. 3
Sat 5/14/05 9 Finished prep work for brake line mounts. Attached brake line tubes with 5-minute then flox and 1 BID tape. 4
Sun 5/15/05 9 Mounted brake reservoirs and added pipe fittings to reservoirs and master cylinders. Connected reservoirs to master cylinders with 1/4" tubing. 1
Sat 5/21/05 9 Ran brake lines through mouting tubes. Made mount for parking brake. Floxed to fuselage side. 1
Chapter Total 154