Log Entries - November 1999

Mon 1 0 Finished mudding and taping the garage. Studied chapter 6. 5
Tue 2 0 Prepared and finalized first order. Placed first order with Wicks. Kits for chapters 4 through 7, MGS epoxy, and various tools. 2
Wed 3 0 Continued plastering brick. Worked on window trim. Patched hole in floor. 5
Thu 4 0 Shelly finished texturing the walls. Finished plastering the brick. Added more pictures to the Chapter 0 page. 4
Fri 5 0 Shelly primed the upstairs to the garage. Began cleaning up in preparation for the downstairs work. 3
Sat 6 0 Shelly painted the upstairs while I made two trips to the hardware store to get a new door and parts, a light, more primer, and more caulk. The door was a pain. I had to cut two sides to make it fit and then cut all the holes to install a new knob and deadbolt. And of course I had to do the mortises for the hinges. The upstairs is done except for one last vacuum, and reinstalling all the outlet covers. 7
Sun 7 0 A long day of painting. Shelly and I primed and painted the entire first floor of the garage. What a difference. It's a lot brighter in there now. Instead of old, grey concrete it is now bright white. I added a bunch of pictures to the Chapter 0 page showing the painting and the completed garage. I can now turn it into a workshop. Next task is building a work bench, jig table, fiberglass rack, and tool rack. 12
Mon 8 0 Made a trip to Home Depot to purchase materials to build the jig table, fiberglass cabinet, and epoxy heat box. 3
Tue 9 0 I received my first order from wicks. UPS dropped off five boxes. "Hey, where's the sixth?". Two hours later they dropped off the missing box. I built the bulk of the jig table. You can see the details on the Chapter 0 page. 6
Wed 10 0 Built the bulk of the fiberglass rack. I still need to attach it to the wall. Got the jig table turned over with the help of some neighbors. 5
Thu 11 0 Put the shelf on the jig table and covered the top with masonite. Mounted the glass rack on the wall, attached the face, and mounted the dowels to hold the spools of glass. Details of the fiberglass rack can be seen on the Chapter 0 page. 6
Fri 12 0 Built a simple workbench. Put up some pegboard to hang tools. Bought and assembled a simple four shelf cabinet to store items. Finished putting away and organizing all the supplies and tools. Now all I need is the epoxy pump. Added heat to the garage via a 1500 watt base board heater. I don't think this is going to be enough. It only got the room to 64 degress with an outside temperature of about 50. I need to add some insulation to the garage door and add the door sweep to the new entry way door. Hopefully that will help. I may get a second base board heater. 6
Sat 13 0 A few odds and ends. I added a shelf to the workbench. Adjusted the lighting. Cleaned up the yard of all the scrap wood from the past two months of work. Added weather stripping to the garage entrance door. Began adding reflective insulation to the main garage door. 4
Sun 14 0 Ran two outlets and added two more lights. Finished adding insulation to garage door. 7
Sun 14 4 Began chapter four. I glued two sheets of H45 PVC together for the front seatback and cut to size. Beveled one edge to 45 degrees. I messed this up a little. Got it fixed but the seatback was now a little short. I edge glued a little more foam to the end and retrimmed to length. This took way too long to do. 2
Mon 15 4 Traced and cut four permanent firewall pieces from birch plywood. Had quite the puzzle trying to rough cut the four pieces on my bandsaw. I still need to sand the edges to the lines. I used a combination of the CAD drawings and some freehand tracing to make the templates. I then rough cut the templates and used rubber cement to attach them to the plywood. 4
Thu 18 4 Cut out temporary firewall. This was done very roughly. As best as I can tell the only important features are the centerline, the six spar cutouts, and a reference waterline. I sanded the bevel cut I made on the front seat back. I'm still waiting for my epoxy pump. My garage only heated up to 68 degress tonight with an outside temperature of 33. I guess I need more heat. 2
Thu 18 5 Began laying out fuselage jigs for chapter 5 on 1x8 pine boards. When I got home I discovered that the 1x8 are actually about 1x7. This makes fitting the jigs harder. Using CAD I created the four FJA pattens to get a smooth curve. 2
Fri 19 5 I cut out the FJA templates I made and rubber cemented them to the 1x8 pine. Cut all four out on the band saw. Clamped them all together and sanded them all to the same exact shape. 2
Sat 20 5 Cutout jigs FJB, FJC, FJD, and FJE. Made all the longeron doublers and stiffeners. Cutout LWX and LWY. Using CAD I made a template for the fuselage sides. I actually went flying today. First time in about 6 weeks. I don't want to get too rusty. 4
Sun 21 5 Made the masonite fuselage jigs. I cut a 6.5" inch wide piece from a 2' x 4' sheet and 5-minute epoxied it to the 4' x 8' sheet using two scraps on the underside. The scraps were sized and positioned so they won't interfere with the pine fuselage jigs. Than using some interesting contortions I cut the two jigs to shape on the bandsaw. In the process I managed to knock the jar of rubber cement onto the concrete floor. That made quite a mess. 4
Mon 29 3 I built a really lame epoxy balance. It seems to work but there is no way I am going to use it for more than the practice layups. I should receive the epoxy pump soon. 2
Tue 30 3 Did the first practice layup. I cut the six squares of BID, made up some epoxy using the balance (what a pain that is), and wet out the six layers. I got my garage to about 75 degrees. The epoxy seemed OK (using MGS). I had strands of glass sticking all over the place. I was wearing butyl gloves, goggles, and respirator. It's going to take some time to get used to all that. 2
Monthly Total 99