Log Entries - September 1999

Tue 21 0 This was the day I officially decided to build a Cozy Mark IV. I registered for the Cozy Builders mailing list. Ordered the Wicks catalog online from their website. Signed up for an EAA membership via their website. 0
Wed 22 0 Began receiving e-mail for the Builders list. Ordered the Aircraft Spruce catalog by phone. 0
Fri 24 0 Received the Wicks catalog in the mail. There sure are a lot of neat toys in there. 0
Sat 25 0 Purchased the Cozy Mark IV plans from Nat Puffer in Mesa, AZ. He said they would be sent out later today!. Bought a table saw from Home Depot. We need this for a current house project anyway. 0
Mon 27 0 Received the Aircraft Spruce catalog. 0
Tue 28 0 Receieved the Cozy Mark IV plans in the mail. Began reading the first three chapters. 2
Wed 29 0 Began marking up the plans with corrections and tips from the newsletters. 3
Thu 30 0 Finished marking up the plans from the newsletters. This includes numbers 52 through 67. 2
Monthly Total 7