Log Entries - April 2000

Wed 12 6 Prepared seatback brace and heat duct for glassing by sanding smooth and rounding edges. Test fit in fuselage. Fixed sag in seatback botton due to slight warp in seatback. 2
Fri 14 6 Finished the heat duct and seatback brace. Cut all the glass. Added the 7 layer UNI reinforcement. Added 2 plies BID on heat duct and seatback brace. Floxed brace to duct. Taped and peel plied. 6
Sat 15 6 Trimmed the seatback brace and heat duct. Tweaked fit in fuselage. Finished cutouts in seatback for map pocket, fuel valve, and heat duct. Cut 3/8" foam for fuselage bottom. 5-min epoxied the pieces together. 5
Sun 16 6 Built 1x2 frame for fuselage bottom. Placed frame and foam on workbench. Cut out landing brake. Rough cut all 3/4" foam spacers. Began shaping spacers. 6
Tue 18 6 Finished shaping all the spacers. Vacuumed all the foam in preparation for gluing. 2
Thu 20 6 Shelly and I microed all the spacers to the fuselage bottom. 2
Sun 23 6 Floxed the seatback brace and heat duct into place in the fuselage. Tapes and peel plied all joints. 3
Mon 24 6 Removed all the nails from the spacers. Test fit fuselage bottom in place on fuselage. Sanded all corners in preparation for glassing. 1
Sat 29 6 Microed the fuselage bottom, added 2 plies BID over whole surface and 1 ply in rear seat area. Peel plied all mating and taping surfaces and ply seams. 8
Sun 30 6 Removed all the peel ply, tested and adjusted the fit of the bottom, and floxed the bottom into place on the fuselage. Weighted it all down and cleaned up the flox. 3
Monthly Total 38