Log Entries - June 2000

Sat 3 7 Made step reinforcement from birch plywood. Made foam patches for gaps in corners on aft portion of fuselage. Patched foam damage on bottom near F-22. Applied duct tape around landing brake. Finished cutting all the aluminum mounts for the landing gear bulkheads. 5
Sun 4 7 Floxed the wood step reinforcement into place. Microed the hole patch. Microed foam into the corner gaps. Floxed all the aluminum mounts into place. Routed the channel for the marker beacon antenna. Fixed the void under the NACA scoop. 4
Tue 6 7 Sanded to shape all the patches I put in place. Cleaned the workshop - way over due. 1
Wed 7 7 Added the marker beacon antenna to the bottom. Soldered the coax cable to the copper tape. Cut foam to cover channel. Made templates for glass used in NACA channel. 2
Fri 9 7 Glassed both insides of the NACA scoop. Have quite the Rube Goldberg setup to hold the glass in place around all the corners. Microed the marker beacon cable in place and filled the trough with foam. 4
Sat 10 7 Sanded the previous layup. Made flox corners in the scoop. Rounded the edge of F-22, landing gear bulkheads, and firewall. Layed up two layers of UNI on the fuselage bottom. Added the 3 ply UNI reinforcements over the landing gear attach points and engine mount. Peel plied everything. 10
Sun 11 7 Made the canard cutout infront of F-28. Contoured the length of the right side. 2
Wed 14 7 Removed foam for the fuel site guage and made the 1/16" depression aft of F-22 on the right fuselage side. Patched some divets too. 1
Sat 17 7 Contoured the other side, made the other 1/16" depression, removed foam over the other fuel gauge, and finished patching divets. Built and installed the new fuselage supports that allow the fuselage to rotate. 5
Sun 18 7 Prepared the side for glassing and added a coat of slurry. Added 3 plies UNI on whole side, added 3 layer longeron reinforcement, added 3 UNI, 2 BID engine mount reinforcement. Peel plied. 9
Mon 19 8 Pieced together a bunch of scrap PVC foam. Traced all the shoudler support and headrest pieces. Cut out the shoulder support pieces and began cutting to shape. 2
Wed 21 8 Applied one layer of BID on all the headrest foam. Finished cutting shoulder support to shape. Made four 1 1/4" square plywood mounts. Began making aluminum nutplates for shoulder support. 3
Sat 24 8 Cut out all the head rest parts and 5 minuted them together. Sanded all the edges round. Made cutouts for all the plywood inserts and 5 minuted them into place on the shoulder support. Finished all the nutplates. 3
Sat 24 7 Prep work so I can glass the other side. 1
Sun 25 7 Finished preparing the other fuselage side and added the three layers of UNI and all the local reinforcements. Peel plied everthing as appropriate. 8
Tue 27 8 Made the four plywood reinforcements and the four aluminum angle attachments for the seatbelts. 4
Wed 28 8 Drilled three holes in each of the aluminum brackets and drilled the four holes in the step. 1
Fri 30 8 Sanded where the seatbelt attach points will go. Cut all the BID for seven layers each. 1
Monthly Total 66