Log Entries - July 2000

Sat 1 8 Floxed in each plywood seatbelt reinforcement. Applied seven layers of BID over each and peel plied. Cut all the foam for the rear heat duct. Applied two layers of UNI over all the pieces. Made the 1.5" x 1.5" x 6" transition piece. Carved the round end and applied two layers of BID. 6
Tue 4 8 Drilled and countersunk all the holes for the seatbelt attachments in the fuselage corners. Removed the foam and tape from the transition piece. Cut the 45 angle. Trimmed the heat duct pieces. 2
Mon 10 8 Sanded the heat duct pieces and glued them together with 5-min epoxy. Glued the 2" aluminum tube in place on the duct. 1
Thu 13 8 Prepared the rear heat duct for glassing. Added the 7 layer UNI layup over the seatbelt attachment. Added 2 plies BID over heat duct. Added BID tape to fuselage bottom/forward landing gear joint that hadn't been done before. 3
Sun 16 8 Trimmed and sanded the previous layup. Sanded all areas where heat duct and seat belt reinforcement layups will go. 1
Tue 18 8 Floxed the rear heat duct into place. Floxed the transition piece to the heat duct. Taped everything as needed. Added the 4 BID/3 UNI reinforcement over the belt attach point. Peel plied. 3
Wed 19 8 Added the 4 BID/3 UNI reinforcement to the front seatbelt attachment. 1
Fri 21 9 Began preparing for reinforcement layups by trimming older, rough layups and tapes. 1
Sat 22 9 Cleaned up, trimmed, and sanded all areas that will be covered by the three main reinforcement layups. Cut the 7/8" torque tube holes in both landing gear bulkheads. Planned out and did the first reinforcement layup on the forward landing gear bulkhead - 5 layers BID on each side. Peel plied. 6
Sun 23 9 Cut all the glass for the second reinforcement and applied the five plies to one side of the fuselage between the two landing gear bulkheads. Peel plied. 3
Wed 26 9 Did the 5 ply reinforcement on the other side. 1
Thu 27 0 Had my second official EAA Technical Counselor visit. Again, Terry Sickler of Chapter 301 came by to see my progress. He was quite pleased with my work. 0
Fri 28 9 Cut all the glass for the remaining reinforcements. Began cutting the UNI strips for the landing gear strut. 2
Sat 29 9 Added all the reinforcements between the firewall and the aft landing gear bulkhead. Peel plied. Sanded the main strut. Cut the ends to length at the 8 angle. 5
Sun 30 9 Finished cutting all the glass for the strut layup. Applied the four layers of UNI to the strut and peel plied the whole thing. 5
Mon 31 9 Removed the strut from the supports. Removed all the peel ply and sanded everything smooth. Taped some straws together and glued them to the trailing edge. 3
Monthly Total 43