Log Entries - August 2000

Wed 2 9 Build a jig for the strut trailing edge and added the 2 BID strip. 3
Sat 5 9 Cleaned up after the previous layup. Sanded everything and glued the strut back on the supports. Cut all the UNI for the next layup and added the last four layers of UNI to the strut. Peel plied most of the strut. 6
Sun 6 9 Removed the strut from the supports, removed the peel ply, and sanded everything smooth. Began measuring the strut and laying out the location of the tabs. 4
Mon 7 9 Double checked all the measurements and began building the box on top of the strut. Strut it 1/8" too wide. 3
Tue 8 9 Redid all the measurements of the strut. Started dealing with the extra 1/8" width on the strut. 2
Wed 9 9 Sanded a flat on the leading and trailing edges to remove the excess 1/8" width. Glued box parts D and E in place. 1
Fri 11 9 Finally finished the strut box. Marked the tab layouts. Set the strut on the workbench upside down on the box. Covered everything with tape and plastic. 4
Sat 12 9 Cut all the BID and UNI for the first set of tab layups. Did the first set, added peel ply, and clamped the tabs. 5
Sat 19 9 Drilled the tabs, removed the jigs, and cut the tabs to shape. Sanded the tabs for the next layup. Cut all the UNI and BID for the next layup. Made the four MG-1's and four MG-2's. 6
Monthly Total 34