Log Entries - May 2001

Mon 21 9 Caught up to where I was so long ago. Remeasured the strut position and found it off. The leading edge was about 5/8" too far forward. I emailed Nat to get an opinion on how to best handle this issue. While waiting I decided to start on the landing brake. I pried off the brake from the bottom. Cutting around the edge when I glassed the bottom payed off. It was real easy to remove the brake. 2
Wed 23 9 Cut LB-23 and LB-19 from birch plywood. Made LB-19 1" wider for electric landing brake per FAQ. Routed out groove for LB-23 and its slugs. Attached LB-23 and LB-19 to hinge and test fit in place. Cut foam off of landing brake for LB-19 and hinge and test fit. 3
Thu 24 9 Reglued all the slugs on LB-23. Made the 1/8" depression in the fuselage bottom under the landing brake. Sanded smooth and rounded the glass edge. Made one LB-18. Ruined the other by over bending it. 4
Fri 25 9 Floxed LB-19 to the landing brake. 0
Sat 26 9 Glued LB-23 into the fuselage bottom. Went back to the landing gear strut. Elongated all 1/4" holes in the landing gear bulkheads so the leading edge of the strut was in better position. Bolted MG-1s and MG-2s into position and drilled all the #10 holes. Drilled out the center to 5/8" and test fit with the MG-4s. All looking good so far. 6
Sun 27 9 Drilled out the tabs on the strut to 3/4" and test fit the MKMGAs into place. Fit just right. Test fit into fuselage. Nearly perfect fit. Will flox everything in place when I get new screws. Removed landing brake from LB-23 after drilling #21 sized holes through hinge, LB-23, and slugs. Calculated slot for electric landing brake. Cut slot and cut away and shaped foam. Ready for glassing. 6
Mon 28 9 Prepared and glassed the landing brake well in the fuselage bottom. Started preparation for the landing gear cover. 5
Tue 29 9 Continued work on joggles using flox. 2
Wed 30 9 Finished adding flox to all the joggles. Fit the landing brake hinge in place, tapped the holes, and screwed it in. 2
Monthly Total 30